Germany: Another Man in His 90s Charged With Turning Billions of Jews Into Detergent

Daily Stormer
April 19, 2019

And 5 years after this, Trump finally deported him, at the age of 95… Palij died this year in January, BTW.

The more time passes, the worse the hollowcost gets.

So it becomes more and more important to hunt down men in their 90s and 100s and punish them.

The Local:

German prosecutors on Thursday charged a 92-year-old man with aiding and abetting the murder of 5,230 people as a guard at a Nazi concentration camp during World War II.

The allegations against the accused, identified by daily newspaper Die Welt as Bruno Dey from Hamburg, concern atrocities committed at the Stutthof concentration camp, near what was then Danzig, now Gdansk in Poland.

He worked between August 1944 and April 1945 at the camp, which ended up holding 110,000 prisoners, 65,000 of whom perished.

“He was in the area” is more than enough evidence, because that’s how Talmudic justice works.

Despite his senior age, the accused will be tried by a juvenile court in Hamburg, because he was 17 when he first worked at Stutthof.

This species of clown frog was discovered less than 2 years ago. Coincidence?

According to the report, Dey confirmed he had guard duties at the watchtowers and knew of the camp’s gas chambers, where he saw SS prisoners being pushed inside.

He admitted seeing “emaciated figures, people who had suffered”, but insists he is not guilty, replying “what use would it have done? They would have just found someone else” when asked why he did not put in a transfer to fight at the front, Die Welt reported.

I was gonna say that admitting to something that didn’t happen is stupid, but then I remembered ZOGmany’s hollowcost denial laws, and that if he didn’t say this, they’d charge him with that too…

And the funny thing about the hollowcost denial laws is that bringing proof that the hollowcost didn’t happen just adds to the case against you.

The article goes on to claim: “The case is likely to be one of the last trials involving Nazi war crimes.”

This journalist knows nothing about Jews.

Just because someone’s dead doesn’t mean the Jews won’t hound him for thousands of years for any slight he’s done to them – especially the imaginary ones.

Centuries from now they’ll be digging Nazis’ bones – or just those of random Germans, they’re all evil anyway – and putting them on trial.

So, mister Evil German Skull – if that even is your real name – please explain your insane hatred that led you to personally sodomize Anne Frank with a coat hanger six million times…

Your honor, the accused’s silence speaks volumes – VOLUMES – about his guilt. I hereby demand six million hours of diversity training at the expense of those five White people still around in Berlin.

*Sips shiksa blood*

That is, of course, if we don’t find a solution to the Jewish problem.

And there is only solution to this problem…