Germany: Angela Merkel Wins Fourth Term as Chancellor, AfD Enters Parliament

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
September 25, 2017

Angela Merkel pictured above has won another term as German chancellor.

Germany held its parliamentary elections Sunday. As expected, Angela Merkel won re-election with roughly 33 percent of the vote.

Obviously, this is not good. This crazy bitch invited a bunch of subhuman animals to come live in the country. On top of that, she gave them all sorts of free stuff. She once claimed that these low IQ monkeys were going to pay for the German people’s pensions. A comical claim that has sense been proven false in spades. It really defies comprehension how so many Germans are stupid enough to support this madness.

However, there is a silver lining to the election result. For the first time since the National Socialist era, Germany has a party on the political right that will have a major presence in government. The Alternative for Deutschland a soft civic nationalist party won roughly around 12 percent of the vote making them the third largest party in the parliament. Their presence could make it more difficult for Merkel to establish a functioning coalition government. At the very least, they’ll be an irritating presence whose concerns can no longer be ignored.

The German people for years have bought into this false guilt that their ancestors stuffed trillions of Jews into gas chambers disguised as shower rooms. They’re not even allowed to dispute these claims because it is against the law to question them. This has successfully prevented the rise of any sort of nationalism to re-enter the nation’s political mainstream.

Following World War II, nationalism was successfully equated and branded alongside the Holocaust lie. So if you supported nationalism, people automatically assumed you were an evil person who supported gassing kikes. This paradigm has finally come to an end. When Merkel allowed all of these rape apes to come into the country she helped spawn a resurgence in nationalism that we see reflected in these election results.

This result would have been unthinkable a few years ago. It shows once again that our message is resonating and that we have political momentum.

There’s definite concern about this development from our political enemies.

A group of anti-fascists showed up to protest outside of the AfD’s Berlin headquarters. These are some really retarded individuals as you can see in the below footage.

You also had some Germans in Frankfurt protesting the AfD’s election success. While I’m not fluent in German, they seem to be afraid that the Nazis have come back from the dead and are about to start turning people into lampshades.

Much of this mindset comes from the many years of Jewish propaganda and lies that the German people have been bombarded with. They in particular have been told to hate themselves more than any other ethnic group since the end of World War II.

My hope is that this is the start of the German people reclaiming their history and identity. They need to know that their ancestors were not the monsters that the Jews have claimed them to be. It is quite the opposite actually. Their ancestors rank alongside some of the greatest men to ever live.