Germany and The Long Defeat

Morgoth’s Review
November 1, 2015


The Jewish run New York Times reports:

SUMTE, Germany — This bucolic, one-street settlement of handsome redbrick farmhouses may for the moment have many more cows than people, but next week it will become one of the fastest growing places in Europe. Not that anyone in Sumte is very excited about it.

In early October, the district government informed Sumte’s mayor, Christian Fabel, by email that his village of 102 people just over the border in what was once Communist East Germany would take in 1,000 asylum seekers.

His wife, the mayor said, assured him it must be a hoax. “It certainly can’t be true” that such a small, isolated place would be asked to accommodate nearly 10 times as many migrants as it had residents, she told him. “She thought it was a joke,” he said.

But it was not. Sumte has become a showcase of the extreme pressures bearing down on Germany as it scrambles to find shelter for what, by the end of the year, could be well over a million people seeking refuge from poverty or wars in Africa, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

It then goes on:

In a small concession to the villagers, Alexander Götz, a regional official from Lower Saxony, told them this week that the initial number of refugees, who start arriving on Monday and will be housed in empty office buildings, would be kept to 500, and limited to 750 in all.

One of the few people, in fact, who seem enthusiastic about the plan for Sumte is Holger Niemann, 32, an admirer of Hitler and the lone neo-Nazi on the elected district council. He rejoices at the opportunities the migrant crisis has offered.

“It is bad for the people, but politically it is good for me,” Mr. Niemann said of the plan, which would leave the German villagers outnumbered by migrants by more than seven to one.

Germans face “the destruction of our genetic heritage” and risk becoming “a gray mishmash,” Mr. Niemann added

Being a ”Neo Nazi” and ”admirer of Hitler” gives Mr Niemann something of an advantage in understanding the current crisis in Germany, writing 90 years ago Hitler said:

The Jew uses every possible means to undermine the racial foundations of a subjugated people. In his systematic efforts to ruin girls and women he strives to break down the last barriers of discrimination between him and other peoples. The Jews were responsible for bringing negroes into the Rhineland, with the ultimate idea of bastardizing the white race which they hate and thus lowering its cultural and political level so that the Jew might dominate. For as long as a people remain racially pure and are conscious of the treasure of their blood, they can never be overcome by the Jew. Never in this world can the Jew become master of any people except a bastardized people.

And now that the Negro has entered the Rhineland they are quite brazenly stating that they are there to finish off the Germans once and for all, as they were meant to.

It’s easy to get carried away ”naming the Jew” by studiously documenting their Think Tanks, Media representation, their Governmental influence and authorship of endless Anti European diatribes in academia. But when we look at history through a wider lens what we can see is an epic war of annihilation being waged upon our people, by them, now reaching its apotheosis. Germany has bore the brunt because our enemies always aim for the heart, and Germany is and was the beating spiritual heart of European civilization. The main photograph to this article is intended to shock, or rather, that even regular visitors to a site such as this might think a header featuring Waffen SS troops a little too much. But if we are going to get out of this mess we must demystify and thoroughly clean out the garbage which has been drip fed us all our lives. In the larger context of the war waged upon Germany for the last 100 years or more the Waffen SS were a reaction, a fighting back against genuine evil, the whipped dog biting back. Within this grand drama the forces of Darkness are represented by international Jewry and their various Marxist tentacles, Liberalism and Global Finance and Media domination. The forces of Light by Europeans on their own soil striving to find an existence free of the Dark and to secure a future for their kind and a spiritually fulfilling life on this earth.

In Tolkien’s Middle Earth the Elves represent the high and virtuous and noble, like modern day Europeans they too have been fighting what Galadriel called ”The Long Defeat”:

“For the Lord of the Gladhrim is accounted the wisest of the Elves of Middle-Earth, and a giver of gifts beyond the power of kings. He has dwelt in the West since the days of dawn, and I have dwelt with him years uncounted; for ere the fall of Nargothrond or Gondolin I passed over the mountains, and together through the ages of the world we have fought the long defeat.”


The nature of the ”Long Defeat” is the forces of darkness, the base, the corrupt, the liar, the deceiver, the ignorant, the moronic and ignorant and alien, seeping their way into the realm of the Light and degrading it bit by bit, year on year. The Sorcerers of Darkness are materialists, superficial. The High people of the Light ethereal and spiritual, bonded to nature.

The great German composer Richard Wagner recognized this, and the true nature of the struggle:

 It certainly may be right to charge this purblind dullness of our public spirit to a vitiation of our blood – not only by departure from the natural food of man, but above all by the tainting of the hero-blood of noblest races with that of former cannibals now trained to be the business-agents of society.


Do we feel our breath fast quitting us beneath the pressure of an alien civilization; do we fall into uncertainty about ourselves: we have only to dig to the roots in the true father-soil of our language to reap at once a reassuring answer on ourselves, nay on the truly human. And this possibility of always drawing from the pristine fount of our own nature that makes us feel ourselves no more a race, no mere variety of man, but one of manhood’s primal branches — tis this that ever has bestowed on us great men and spiritual heroes.

And it is precisely because Northern Europeans are ”no mere variety of man” that our enemies are flooding Germany with the Negro and Islamic hordes, and it is for this reason that we must meet, challenge and reverse the Long Defeat and smash forever the forces of aligned against us. All Europeans lost World War 2 because the victors deemed it illegitimate for us to follow our own biological and spiritual path, what began at Stalingrad has culminated in Germans being outnumbered by a factor of 7-1 by Africans and Arabs on German soil. This grand historical opera which began in Germany must also end in Germany, with the people of the Light victorious and finally bringing the circle of destruction to a close.