Germany: Afghani Arrested for Forcing 4-Year-Old Boy to Perform Oral Sex

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 17, 2016

Enriching your culture.

No one ever could have predicted that people who do this in their own country would continue to do it in another country.

Hey yo feminists – I think I done found that rape culture you were looking for.

And no, it’s not Johnny the quarterback who kept unbuttoning Suzy the cheerleader’s blouse while she was giggling out “tehehe no no tehehe.”

Daily Express:

AN AFGHAN asylum seeker has been accused of dragging a four-year-old boy into a toilet cubicle and sexually assaulting him.

The father of the young child discovered the 22-year-old alleged sex attacker inside the cubicle at a German asylum centre after spotting his son’s shoes outside the door along with an adult pair.

He knocked on the cubicle door only to discover his son’s trousers were around his ankles.

The father demanded to know what the Afghan was doing with his son and he claimed he was helping him go to the toilet – which the father initially believed.

But the boy’s mother was suspicious and eventually the four-year-old told her he had been forced to perform oral sex on the man, who is in court alongside a 29-year-old male accused of keeping watch.

Prosecutors claim the boy’s DNA was found on the Afghan’s penis after a penile swab was taken.

The 22-year-old has pleaded not guilty to the offence, claiming the boy asked him to open the cubicle door for him, after which he left the cubicle and went away.

The 29-year-old Afghan accused of helping the alleged sex attacker is also on trial for reportedly threatening the little boy’s brother, eight, with a knife.

The victim and his alleged aggressors have not been named due to German privacy laws.

It comes just days after a group of nine Iraqi men were arrested on sexual assault charges after a German woman was allegedly gang raped in Vienna.

Yeah, except that victim was German, which is a wee bit different.

But of course, little German boys are going to get a taste of Afghan delight soon enough. Presumably they already are on a regular basis, the German police are just covering it up like they tried to cover-up the mass sexual assault on New Year’s Eve.

Yeah, so, I mean.

I dunno, Germany.

Is this really what you want to transform your society into?

Because you feel bad about those sixty trillion innocent Jews gassed in fake shower rooms seven decades ago?

Does this maybe seem perhaps a little bit unreasonable?