Germany: AfD to Get Its Own Jewish Group

Daily Stormer
September 28, 2018

Was this really necessary?

I can understand that, being in a country so tightly controlled by (((the System))) as Germany is, you have to be a little subtle about things, even lie once in a while, but this looks like taking it too far…


Jewish supporters of the right wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) are forming a faith-based group to represent Jewish issues in the party.

Fun fact: The Jewish “faith” is the only one that you can screen for with genetic testing.

Funny how that works…

The group, Juden in der AfD (“Jews in the AfD” or JAfD), plans to hold its inaugural meeting at an event in the city of Offenbach on October 7, a letter revealed in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and the group will join an existing Christian organisation in the party.

I’m sure the “Christians” over there will be very excited to lick the assholes of the people who tortured their savior to death.

The party confirmed the news in a statement on Facebook this Thursday, highlighting increasing attacks on Jews in Germany, including prominent examples of Islamists calling for Jews to be gassed and knocking kippas off of the head of Jews in Berlin.

And all examples that get a lot more (((media))) attention than the daily slaughters the brown subvermin are doing against Europeans.

Less than 2000 views on jewtube… Because it’s not as important as some kike rat having his its feels hurt

The statement argues that many people in Germany are silent about anti-Semitism from radical Muslims “in order not to play into the hands of the ‘right wing’”, and promise the AfD will speak up for the Jewish community.

Dimitri Schulz, a founding member of the Jewish AfD group agreed, telling DPA news agency that the AfD “is the only party in Germany that makes anti-Semitism by Muslims a topic without trivialising it”.

However, Charlotte Knobloch, a former chairwoman of the Central Council of Jews in GermanytoldBild: “The AfD is and remains a party in which anti-Semites feel more than comfortable.”

That “Jewish people can justify their membership in such a party to themselves” is “completely baffling”, she added.

Stop pretending you’re baffled you kike bitch – it’s called subversion, and it’s literally the only thing you desert rats are good at.

Wolfgang Fuhl, a director of the Central Council of Jews in Germany from 2007 to 2012, another founding member of the AfD Jewish group, criticised Jewish leaders who have attacked Jewish supporters of the party and claimed it is anti-Semitic.

“These officials have become so far removed from the ordinary community member’s everyday experiences that their remarks have little to do with reality,” he blasted.

If kikes don’t like living around ragheads, then they shouldn’t have brought them to begin with.

And then these man-shaped tapeworms have the nerve to play the victims.

Responding to claims that the AfD is anti-Semitic, Mr Kuhs said: “I’m really shocked, honestly. That doesn’t apply at all to what we are.

“The AfD is not an anti-Semitic party; we do not tolerate any anti-Semitism in the party. If that arises, if we notice it, then these people are thrown out.”

The group’s founding statement acknowledged that there may be “individual anti-Semites” in the party, but added that “the AfD’s desire for Germany to become a self-confident country again does not contradict Jewish interests.”

Anything good for a non-Jew contradicts Jewish interests by default.

It’s literally been bred into them for thousands of years, and pretending that’s not the case won’t change it.

There is nothing refutable about this, and compromise is not possible.

It’s either us or the Jews, and any European who doesn’t understand that is already dead.