Germany: AfD Politician Attacked in Street, Head Split Open, May Die

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 8, 2019

This guy better hope he doesn’t wake up, because if he does, he’s going to get charged with a crime for attacking innocent antifa.

We call this the “James Fields Rule,” and it applies to all white people who are even moderately right-wing.


The Bremen chairman of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, Frank Magnitz, is battling for his life after sustaining a gaping wound to his head following an attack by three unknown assailants.

Magnitz was rushed to the hospital on Monday night after suffering a serious head injury following a “politically-motivated attempted assassination,” Bremen AfD said in a statement, posting a graphic image of the injured chairman.

Armed with wooden sticks, the three men beat the politician repeatedly on the head and kicked him while he was already on the ground until a construction worker saw the assault and tried to intervene. According to the statement, the attack took place immediately after Magnitz left the New Year’s reception near Bremen’s Goetheplatz.

“Today is a black day for democracy in Germany,” the AfD said, noting that Magnitz remains in serious condition. “He was beaten half dead,” AfD national spokesman Jörg Meuthen wrote on Twitter, calling the assault a “cowardly and disgusting plot.”


Come out and talk about Democracy, as the Democracy is smashing open the heads of your dudes.

That will get em.

As police continue their hunt for the attackers, German politicians have begun condemning the brutality of the incident. “I hope the perpetrators will soon be investigated & sentenced,” said Germany’s Green party MP, Cem Özdemir, adding that there is no justification for violence “even against the AfD.”

Authorities have yet to determine the motives behind the attack, but with its growing popularity, the opposition AfD party has become a target of increasing criticism and attacks over its anti-immigration and other ultraconservative policies. Just last week, the party’s Doebeln office in the eastern state of Saxony was targeted by an explosion, which the AfD leadership denounced as an attack on democracy.

They aren’t actually “ultraconservative.” They are just a basic “we want immigration to be legal” type conservative party. If they were in America, they would be a little bit to the left of Lindsey Graham. About in the center of the GOP – about half way between Mitt Romney or Donald Trump on either end.

They have had some various scandals with pro-Hitler and anti-black stuff and so on, but that isn’t any different than me telling my readers to join the GOP. The party rapidly and officially disavowed anyone caught in a racist scandal.

The overwhelming majority of members are what would have been called “centrist” just a few years ago, even in Germany.

But it doesn’t really make any difference. The official position of the left is now that anyone who doesn’t want full-on genocide of the indigenous population of any white country is a “Nazi” and deserves to die.

I joke that this guy would be charged for having been attacked, but that is really only true in America.

In fact, shockingly, all of the parties in Germany – including a spokesman for Madam Merkel herself – have condemned this act.


Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman, Steffen Seibert, wrote on Twitter that “the brutal attack on lawmaker Frank Magnitz in Bremen must be strongly condemned. Hopefully police will quickly succeed in catching the perpetrators.”

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, a center-left politician who has been a strong critic of AfD, tweeted that “violence must never be a means of political confrontation — no matter against whom or what the motives are.”

“There is no justification for this,” he said, calling for those responsible to be punished.

That was echoed by other politicians from established parties, including prominent Green party politician Cem Ozdemir, who said that AfD must be countered by legal means, not violence. “Anyone who fights hatred with hatred always lets hatred win in the end,” he wrote on Twitter.

Certainly in America, no Democrat would ever condemn an attack on a Trump supporter.

They mostly refused to even condemn the SPLC shooter who literally shot a Republican Congressman.

American politics have escalated far beyond anything anywhere else in the white world.

That said, I am 100% certain that no one will be arrested over this attack, because the German police certainly do not want to send a message that you’ll be punished for attacking white people.

(People in the video were never arrested as far as I know – the police did open an investigation into the person who leaked the video of the kicking, however.)