Germany: AfD Party Split Up Over Meaningless Gibberish

Daily Stormer
July 7, 2016

afd Petry

Well, we reported a couple weeks ago that the guy who made remarks the Jews didn’t like was going to be ejected from Germany’s AfD party. Turns out many people in the party supported him, and they couldn’t get enough votes to eject him.


So these AfD guys aren’t hardcore enough to support their own guy in the face of stupid allegations, nor disciplined enough to respect the will of their leader and eject him? What kind of Mickey Mouse operation are they running, exactly?

medic pepe

Is AfD kill? Will the split be mended?


The right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which is surging in opinion polls, has been split by a row over anti-Semitism prompted by the views of one of its lawmakers.

Thirteen of AfD’s lawmakers in a state parliament have formed a new bloc, Alternative for Baden-Wuerttemberg.

The dispute erupted over statements by one legislator, who had suggested the Holocaust was given too much attention.

As other MPs were unable to eject him from the party, they formed their own.

lol Cruzman Sachs style.


Will the goyim never learn?

Wolfgang Gedeon was one of 23 AfD representatives elected to Baden-Wuerttemberg’s state parliament in March, after the party took 15.1% of the vote.

In written comments, he had referred to the Holocaust as “certain misdeeds”. He has also suggested Holocaust denial – illegal in Germany – was legitimate.

The leader of the AfD in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Joerg Meuthen, who is also the party’s co-leader nationally, had tried to get Mr Gedeon expelled from the AfD’s fraction, but failed to get the two-thirds majority of his MPs required.

He and the 12 AfD representatives who had voted with him resigned en masse on Tuesday.

The row seems to have driven a further wedge between Mr Meuthen and his national co-chair, Frauke Petry.

Wait, did I read this right? “Co-leader”?


They can’t even decide who the leader will be.

I’m trying real hard to be enthusiastic about this AfD party, but all of this is baffling. One of their guys, 3 years ago, wrote that “the holocaust was given too much attention,” and this causes their party to collapse?


Look at this nationalist party I built. Erm, don’t breathe too hard, okay?

A party, like any other kind of organization, needs one strong leader at the top and clear principles which everyone understands. As long as every member respects those principles, the party should support and defend it’s guys from outside attacks.

That their enemies can turn them against one another with so little effort shows that they need to up their game big time.


These guys have some energy behind them. Use it!

With all the current happenings, there is the opportunity for a nationalist party to make waves in Germany. Now’s not the time for infighting, but the time to attack!