Germany: AfD Official Fired for Saying “The Migrants Could All Just be Gassed Later”

AfD is so dumb.

Everyone gets that you’re secretly Nazis, guys. Everyone who votes for you agrees with that. You don’t have to keep saying it.

The Guardian:

The far-right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party has fired a prominent official following reports that he made comments suggesting that migrants could be killed.

The party confirmed Monday that Christian Lueth, who was already suspended from his post as parliamentary spokesman in April after allegedly describing himself as a “fascist,” had his contract terminated with immediate effect.

German media reported that Lueth told a young blogger in February that the worse off Germany is, the better it would be for his party, and that migrants coming to the country “could still be shot later on … or gassed”.

The meeting was secretly filmed by the broadcaster ProSieben for a documentary to be aired Monday about Germany’s far right. The speaker’s face wasn’t shown in the footage but the weekly Die Zeit reported that it was Lueth.

The AfD has campaigned vociferously against immigration and saw a surge in support when hundreds of thousands of refugees were allowed to come into Germany in 2015. It is currently the largest opposition party in the national legislature.

Who knows.

Maybe he didn’t really say it.

I assume he probably did say it.

How hard is it to just not say that?

Can’t we just chill for a minute here?

Everyone gets the thing, but we’re not going to be able to do the thing if you people keep talking about the thing before we get into power, okay?

Everyone just chill.