Germany: AfD Gets Only 14% in Berlin – Would a Full-Nazi Party Do Better?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 19, 2016



Berlin is ground zero for the Islamic invasion of Europe.

They voted yesterday and Mama Merkel’s party beat the anti-immigration AfD.

They weren’t voting for Merkel herself, of course, but for her party, which has lightly criticized her over her rape gangs. But still. Come on. It’s her party.

The vote was effectively “do you want to live or do you want to be exterminated?”

AfD came in fifth of seven parties.

The media is framing it as a Merkel loss, somehow.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party suffered a historic loss in Berlin state elections Sunday while the right-wing populist AfD gained fresh support, riding a wave of popular anger over her open-door refugee policy.

The anti-Islam Alternative for Germany party won around 14 percent, according to public broadcasters’ projections, in the capital which has long prided itself on being a hip, diverse and multicultural city.

The strong AfD result, thanks to support especially in the vast tower block districts in Berlin’s former communist east, meant it has now won opposition seats in ten of Germany’s 16 states, a year ahead of national elections.

Merkel’s centre-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) won only 17.5 percent — its worst post-war result in the city, before or after the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall — likely spelling the end of its term as junior coalition partner to the Social Democrats (SPD), who won around 22 percent.

Berlin’s SPD Mayor Michael Mueller had dramatically warned before the polls that a strong AfD result would be “seen throughout the world as a sign of the resurgence of the right and of Nazis in Germany”.

Granted, this is AfD’s first election in the city. Zero to fourteen would seem okay.

But look at the situation. Merkel’s children are engaging in wide-scale gang-rape of girls, women and boys. They are shooting and stabbing and trying to blow things up. It’s hell on earth.

That’s without mentioning the social decay that having all of these aliens on the streets causes, which is massive.

fucking sandniggers

AfD is being hailed as a huge success by some elements of the Alt-Right. And I’m not trying to be negative here.

But what if they were full-Nazi? Not necessarily with swastikas and so on, but with a charismatic male leader openly calling for a pure White Germany?

Of course, it would be illegal.

But imagine if it weren’t.

Would they do better if they used a militant populist-nationalist platform?

I think they would. I think in extreme situations, people respond very well to extreme measures. It is a basic part of human nature. AfD is not extreme. They talk about “ah, well, there are too many immigrants, you know, we need to stop taking so many, some of them aren’t even real refugees…”


It just becomes more noise. Politics.

Extremism has an appeal simply because it is extreme. The Philippines just elected a guy who campaigned on a promise to hunt down and murder tens of thousands of people. And the situation they’re dealing with is a lot less extreme than what Germany is dealing with. Sure, there’s a lot of crime and so on, but it’s been going on for decades (mainly only in Manila), and it doesn’t threaten to completely destroy the country.

Extremism has magnetic power in its boldness and immediacy alone, its promise of total change, of completely reshaping society as a whole.

Open authoritarianism also has natural appeal, especially in times of crisis. Instead of Merkel’s “we can do it,” you have the leader’s “I will do it.”

The other serious appeal of militant nationalism is that it has moral authority built into it. AfD is effectively arguing that “oh yes, it’s sad, but we have to think of the situation we’re in…” A militant populist-nationalist platform says that the only morality is that which helps the people. To such an entity, you not only give up control of the material realm, but give control of the emotional and psychic realms to the idea and to the man who represents it.

The individual is entirely released by this. He needs only give his allegiance and all else is taken care of. It is the purest form of freedom, and what all human beings naturally long for.


Choice and responsibility only equal freedom when they are personal. Holding individual members of a nation collectively responsible for the direction of the nation, as is the core promise of “free society” democracy, does not increase the freedom of the individual. It is simply a weird burden.

These are all principles we see within the success of Donald Trump. He is of course not using the pure, Hitlerian version of it, but he has fully incorporated the basic concepts.

If you plan the nicey-nice game that has been designed by the Jews, you are going to lose. In order to win, you have to break the rules. An open vow to drastically transform society breaks the rules by appealing to a more primal part of man’s consciousness.

Of course, I’m not arguing that if AfD had used a more hardcore platform, they would have made a sweep. But I think they would have beat Merkel, and created energy that would allow them to make huge gains very quickly as more and more people were sucked into the raw emotion and violence of it, the liberation that it offers the individual.

But Yeah

Congratulations to them for going from zero to fourteen. It’s not bad. It’s just not what I would have hoped for. And it certainly isn’t enough to save Germany.

Ah well.

Race war it is then.