Germany: AfD Expels Elected Thot for 10-Year Old Picture Next to Bottles of Hitler Wine

Daily Stormer
November 8, 2018

The picture, from the Twitter account of a brave journalist who tirelessly works to stomp out HATRED

While it appears that the average German is becoming increasingly capable of understanding reality, the “far-right” AfD just seems to be cucking harder and harder.

Because giving the mortal enemies of their people their own group within the party wasn’t enough, they’re now kicking people out for literally the stupidest reasons imaginable.


Jessica Biessmann, who used to represent the anti-establishment Alternative for Germany party in Berlin’s parliament, has been in hot water after photos showing the woman in front of bottles with portraits of the Nazi Fuhrer on them.

I really need to get me some of that Hitler wine.

This video is 2 months old, so I assume they’re still making it

The Alternative for Germany party’s group in Berlin’s city parliament Landtag has announced that they have cut ties with their lawmaker Jessica Biessmann following the uproar surrounding her photos with wine bottles labelled with portraits of Adolf Hitler.

“Uproar” in this context means “some journalists screeched about it.”

I seriously doubt most people actually cared.

And why did they have to expel her from the party?

Was just saying “So what?” really that hard?

With this step, the party has lost one vote in the city assembly, as it now has only 22 lawmakers there.

Was it worth?

Losing a position over something like this?

The compromising photos started circulating online in October. They showed the lawmaker lying on a bar counter with several bottles, which had Adolf Hitler’s portrait on them, in the background. The AfD regional branch set the process in motion to expel the woman from the party shortly after the images emerged. Party leader Georg Pazderski described the questionable images as unacceptable.

Cuck harder, maybe this time be the one time it actually helps with anything.

I think it was Napoleon who once quipped -​ “The surest way to victory is to shit on your own soldiers every time the enemy demands it.”

Or was that Alexander the Great?

Biessmann is said to have posted the portrait, which triggered the uproar, on her social media about 10 years ago, but this year a Twitter user flagged them. The lawmaker voiced her regret that such pictures exist. The politician argued that she’d stopped there with one of her friends and failed to notice the Nazi-themed wine bottles.

Yes, keep apologizing to the people who are actively working to make sure that one day, there will literally be nobody on this planet that even looks like you…

You’ve never heard an apology for this, and you never will

Never apologize to anybody for anything.

If you make a mistake, fix it quietly then forget about it completely, or else you’ll just look like a cuck.

And cucks never win anything.