Germany: AfD Candidate Proclaims Germans Should be Proud of Gassing the Jews

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 18, 2017

We must honor the achievements of our ancestors.

The German election is coming up later this month, and the nationalist party AfD (Alternative for Germany) is kicking up it’s propaganda effort.

While it’s very likely the evil witch Merkel will get re-elected, I believe this new, pro-Hitler message is going to resonate well with a large portion of the electorate. No one wants to feel constantly ashamed of their ancestor’s evil deeds. Simply telling people “it’s ok to be proud of yourself and your history” should be very appealing.

Ultimately, political power follows largely the same rules as personal power. People follow you if you can make them feel good, and protect them against bad things. The people only follow the corrupt elites because they have no choice.

All other things being equal, the people will be more attracted to the leaders who praise them than the one who openly despises them and declares their will to make them suffer and die.

This should be obvious.

But in 2017, this is a revolutionary concept.

The Local :

German politicians voiced outrage Friday after a leader of the right-wing populist AfD party said Germany should be proud of its soldiers who fought in two world wars.

Alexander Gauland, 76, a top candidate of the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany in September 24th elections, also said the country had sufficiently atoned for its crimes and should “reclaim its past”.

Crimes? The Nazi werewolf thing was rough, but necessary.

Of course, he has to pay lip service to the notion that Germans did bad things during WW2, as to do otherwise is a crime under their totalitarian regime.

The Social Democrats’ Thomas Oppermann said such comments “expose Gauland as an ultra-right militarist”, while Greens lawmaker Volker Beck labelled his statements “ever more disgusting”.

As the latest controversy flared around the AfD, which campaigns under the slogan “Stop Islamisation”, new polls suggested it would take 10 to 12 percent of the vote, giving it a good chance of becoming Germany’s third strongest party.

We can safely assume that polls are manipulated to the same extent – if not more – in Germany as they are in the United States. Sot it’s quite likely the real level of support is even higher than that.

Gauland has repeatedly sparked anger with provocative statements, saying no-one would “want as a neighbour” a German footballer with an African father, and recently saying a politician with Turkish roots should be “disposed of in Anatolia”.

He made the comments on Germany’s wartime and Holocaust past at a September 2nd party meeting, but footage of the speech only hit the public eye on Thursday.

In it, Gauland called for an end to German guilt over the Nazi era, saying that in Europe, “no other nation has so clearly dealt with its wrongful past as Germany”.

“We have the right to reclaim not just our country, but also our past,” he said.

“If the French are rightly proud of their emperor (Napoleon), and the British of (Admiral Horatio Lord) Nelson and (Prime Minister Winston) Churchill, then we have the right to be proud of the achievements of German soldiers in two world wars,” he said.

Moreso, I’d say.

After all, they were fighting for good, while their enemies were fighting for the Jews.


There is essentially no chance that the AfD can win this election, as even if they somehow got enough support, the system would surely be rigged to rob them of any meaningful victory.

However, if they can keep putting pressure on the establishment and change the narrative, their may be hope yet that Germany can some day be saved.