Germany: AfD Branch Put Under Police Surveillance for No Reason

Germans won’t fight for their own country, but they’ll fight for an independent Kurdistan

You know you live in a democracy when the only party that doesn’t do exactly the same things as all the other parties is under constant police surveillance because some of its members are suspected of thinking mean things.

Freedom is hard choices.

The Local:

The Brandenburg chapter of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party is now “a suspicious case and an object of surveillance”, said a spokesman for the region’s interior ministry.

The decision will give officials in Brandenburg far-reaching powers to monitor the AfD’s institutions and officials in the state, where the party came second in 2019 elections with 23.5 percent of the vote.

There were “enough important factual indications” to show that the AfD in Brandenburg was “striving against the free democratic order”, said Jörg Müller, the head of the state’s office for the protection of the constitution.

Such surveillance is reserved for groups or organisations that are deemed to pose a threat to democracy and the rule of law.

So when Angela Merkel just decided out of the blue to invite hordes of Moslems to Germany without any kind of legal or parliamentary backing, that was not a threat to the rule of law?

The latest official move to keep tabs on the group came three months after the party’s most radical fringe known as the “Wing” was also placed under police surveillance due to its association with known neo-Nazis.

Party co-chief Alexander Gauland said the decision to keep tabs on the group was “wrong”.

The Wing, which has about 7,000 members, was co-founded by firebrand AfD lawmaker Björn Höcke, who has sparked outrage with attacks on Germany’s culture of remembrance for Nazi crimes.

Just wanting to be less of a cuck sparks “outrage” in Germany.

AfD are still cucks, at least on the face of it – they’re open Zionists and even have their own Jewish group in the party.

But that’s still not enough.

As far as Shlomo is concerned, there’s no such thing as too much cucking.

The Brandenburg chapter of AfD was headed by Andreas Kalbitz, who was thrown out of the party in May for concealing his past membership in a neo-Nazi outfit, “German Youths Loyal to the Fatherland”.

However, he continues to exert influence in the party and is challenging his expulsion in court.

Kalbitz’s sacking fanned the flames of an increasingly hostile feud between the party’s populist ultra-conservatives and elements with ties to the right-wing extremist scene.

I checked out this “German Youths” group Kalbitz was involved in and couldn’t find anything illegal they ever did.

They apparently just ran camps and sporting events where people got together and whined about the “Anglicization of the German language,” which is apparently a terrible ongoing crisis.

The government first banned their uniforms in 2007, and then banned the whole group in 2009.

Mein Deutsch isn’t as good as it should be, and there’s very little in the English language on the internet about this,  probably because they’re worried someone might ask about the specific reason this group was banned. However, even taking into account Germany’s retarded speech laws, I can’t find any evidence of any law they ever broke.

But rest assured, this wasn’t a threat to the rule of law at all.

Founded in 2013 as a protest party against the euro single currency, the AfD has grown and shifted further right, scooping up a significant number of votes from those unhappy with the government’s migration policy.

It is now the largest opposition group in the Bundestag, Germany’s lower house of parliament.

But the party has also come under fire for fuelling anti-immigration sentiment amid several right-wing extremist attacks in Germany in recent months.

Yeah, the reason people don’t like being invaded is because a few mean people told them they shouldn’t.

Everything would be absolutely fine without that happening.