Germany Adopts “No Ficki Ficki” Cartoons at Swimming Pools

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
February 2, 2016

What is all the fuss about anyway, goyim, don't you know that your sluts fantasise about rapeugees?
What is all the fuss about anyway, goyim, don’t you know that your sluts fantasise about rapeugees?

The best way to deal with an invasion of subhuman trash hell-bent on rape and destruction is not to bring in the army, or to enforce the law, but to print a pretty cartoon.

That’s right, goyim –the warm friendly colours of an illustrated text are all you need to help these poor unfortunate sons of Allah understand that ficki ficki is only appropriate outside the swimming pool. Yes, because that is where police won’t arrest them. Actually, they won’t arrest them anywhere, but that isn’t the point.

The Daily Mail, which is the intellectual equivalent of chewing lead, reports:

German authorities have resorted to issuing cartoon leaflets in public swimming pools in an attempt to stop gangs of migrants groping women.

In the wake of the sex assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve and a wave of reported cases of sexual harassment in swimming baths, officials have now created a special cartoon guide on appropriate etiquette.

The illustrations feature German captions with subtitles in English and Arabic and warn migrants not to wear underwear instead of swimming trunks, harass women, or push them in the water.

Simple. Problem solved. The rapeugees will read this and everything will be fine and you will have no reason to keep complaining, goyim
Simple. Problem solved. The rapeugees will read this and everything will be fine and you will have no reason to keep complaining, goyim

But really, goyim, the best way to avoid your sluts being groped is to buy them burkas. Because you have to understand these million invaders have a different culture to you and you are disrespecting their culture.

You cannot expect a dog not to try and eat uncovered meat any more than you can an Arab man not to control his savage impulses. Civilisation is your concept, goyim, not theirs. They have based their whole society on opposing those values so bear this in mind as they take over your country.

Some 20,000 leaflets in seven languages have been issued across refugee facilities and public pools and a second edition is already in the pipeline.

A spokesman for Munich public services said the leaflets contained bathing rules and ‘intercultural subjects’, developed in cooperation with the equality office, the anti-discrimination office and the Centre for Intercultural Cooperation of the City of Munich.

A spokesman added: ‘We had a number of incidents in swimming pools with migrants who could not swim and do not understand our language, written warnings, bans or instructions.

‘The principle of acceptance of women – no matter what clothes they’re wearing – was not be respected by all visitors, hence the explicit indication.

‘The multilingual information helps the staff communicate and is helping them in prevention work.’

Not the hand reaching out for ficki ficki is White
Note that the hand reaching out for ficki ficki is White

You better know that this is all we will be doing to protect your sluts, goyim, and we’re only doing it because we want to  help the rapeugees, not the German women, who are guilty of being related to those Nazis who did the Holocaust ™.

This is all about providing the rapeugee with a comfortable environment where he will not be scandalised for ficki ficki, or pool pooping. It is perfectly acceptable for an Arab to swim in poop anyway, goyim, and you should respect that.

Three Syrian boys were arrested in January over the attack at a leisure centre in Munich as the country grapples with growing concerns about sex crimes perpetrated by asylum seekers.

The ban also follows an attack by an 18-year-old refugee on a 54-year-old woman in Bornheim, where he had groped and tried to kiss her.

In Sweden, police have resorted to sending undercover officers to Stockholm’s swimming pools amid a rising number of sex assaults on girls by migrants.

Plain clothes police will monitor swimming baths in the Swedish capital after ‘a few dozen’ suspected cases of sexual harassment were reported mainly by parents of teenage girls.

It comes amid reports that a number of girls said they had been sexually assaulted by young male asylum seekers at the city’s Eriksdalsbadet Olympic baths in recent weeks.

The real social messages are being saved for you, goyim, so don’t get cocky. You have won no moral victory with these leaflets. You will be seeing lots of allegorical movies about accepting rapeugees, and about the Holocaust and slavery. Lots of them, goyim, so save up your shekels and book your seat at the theatre. If you cannot get to a movie theatre, these films will be streamed online.

You need only feel one feeling, goyim, and that is guilt. Guilt will set you free.