Germany: 75-Year-Old Man Kicked Out of His House to Make Room for Invaders

The old Germans have to move aside.

This isn’t your country anymore, it never was.

You’re a racist if you think otherwise, and racism is the purest of all evils. It’s even worse than raping a baby.

Voice of Europe:

A pensioner in Germany was fighting in court against his local council’s decision to evict him from his home to make room for migrants. The court has now upheld the council’s order.

Klaus Roth, 75, lives in Neckartailfingen near Stuttgart with his partner, who is 73. Neckartailfingen is a village of approximately 3,800 residents. More than a year ago, the village, which was already hosting 40 migrants, was instructed to take in even more of them.

The Esslingen District Council, which holds jurisdiction over Neckartailfingen, decided that Roth’s flat, which consists of six rooms over 150 square meters, should be seized and converted into a reception centre to accommodate the additional migrants. A court ruling from the 1990s gives councils the power to confiscate property for this purpose.

Gotta make sure there’s diversity literally everywhere, even in the tiniest village.

Let none go unkebabed.

Roth, who has been living in the flat for 25 years, refused to leave and challenged his eviction in Nürtingen District Court. Roth has suffered several heart attacks and also has asthma and diabetes. He is also quite popular in the village, where he volunteers to assist his fellow senior citizens. Roth has even shown his support for migrants in the past — in 2015, he worked in the local working group which helped asylum-seekers to find accommodations when the migrant crisis first erupted.

Aaaaaaaaaand… my sympathy level just went to 0.

This traitor is getting what he deserves.

He’s not getting even close to enough of what he deserves, but it’s still what he deserves.

If the German authorities are sticking to their standard practice of screwing anyone who isn’t a Jew, a tranny or a brown rapist, then it’s also possible that they’re giving him less than the house is actually worth, because him being old and all he’s probably gonna die before he’d manage to sue them in a higher court, so that’s something to be hopeful about.

The court, however, has decided in favor of the council, according to a report by Junge Freiheit. In the court’s decision, it cited the size of Roth’s flat and said that it was reasonable for him to live in a smaller one. While the court acknowledged that the eviction was a hardship for Roth, they assert that it “does not outweigh the landlord’s legitimate interests.”

When contacted by Junge Freiheit for clarification, the Esslingen council said they did not want to say if this was a legitimate hardship case, but appealed to “communal solidarity” and legal provisions which call for migrants to be distributed evenly among communities.

Roth has been given until September 30 to vacate his flat. Neckartailfingen has accepted nine new migrants, and six of them are to be housed in Roth’s residence.

Ah, the things these Krauts have to do to atone for the imaginary 6 million Juden they turned into soap…

And it’s kinda their fault when you think about it.

None of this would be happening if they actually had turned 6 million Jews into soap.

So technically speaking, they get what they deserve.