Germany: 7 Cops Try and Fail to Arrest One Migrant

How many German cops does it take to arrest a criminal?

More than you would have figured.

Free West Media:

On Wednesday, August 26, 2020, a migrant was caught traveling in a car without a license in Siegen, North Rhine-Westphalia. Understandably, the young man had no interest in the police establishing his personal details as the video from the Siegener Zeitung revealed.

In the USA, Russia or China, it would probably have turned out differently. But German police officers have been forced to avoid anything that could even remotely be interpreted as “violence against migrants”. When a criminal decides not to cooperate with the police, his chances of getting away are therefore pretty good.

Clearly, arresting the resisting suspect without the use of force would not have been possible in this case. But the use of force, on the other hand, is now officially undesirable.

I doubt traveling in a car without a license was the worst thing that guy ever did, or else he wouldn’t have run away like that.

Even if they had arrested him, some judge would’ve released him the next day without doing anything.

So what would’ve been the point of them trying too hard anyway?