Germans Vow to Destroy Large Concrete Swastika with Jackhammers

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
November 21, 2017

Why would anybody want to destroy something so awesome?

The Germans are vowing to destroy a massive concrete swastika unearthed by construction workers with jackhammers!



Construction workers in Germany have unearthed a giant concrete swastika on a sports field in the northern city of Hamburg.

The German news agency dpa reported Tuesday workers were digging in the ground with an excavator to build changing rooms when they suddenly hit the four-by-four meter (13-by-13 foot) Nazi symbol.

Members of the sports club at the Hein-Kling stadium in the city’s Billstedt district told dpa the swastika served as a foundation for a monument that was torn down decades ago.

City officials say they want the swastika, which was buried 40 centimeters (1.3 feet) below the ground, gone as quickly as possible. Because it’s too heavy to be transported away, they are planning to destroy it with jackhammers.

They want the swastika gone as quickly as possible!

Why? Do they think that destroying it will prevent the reconstruction of shower room gas chambers? How about all those factories that made lampshades out of Jew skin? Or the facilities that made soap out of Jew fat?

The hatred that Germans have for themselves over things their ancestors never did is insane. This giant swastika should be preserved as a historical artifact. It shouldn’t be destroyed because of Jew hoax stories.

Germany is one of the most politically repressive nations in the world today. You can’t even question the official Jew narrative of World War II without getting thrown in jail. Symbolism relating to Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP is forbidden. Does this sound like a free and tolerant society to anybody? It sounds more like a diseased society that is doing everything possible to destroy themselves.

Be proud of your ancestry Germany! Your ancestors were responsible for building an advanced and prosperous nation! That is something to be proud of! Redirect your anger and hatred towards the Jews who destroyed it!