Germans Rise Up! No Lockdown! Freedom Now!

There were massive rallies in EAST Germany this weekend.

This is powerful stuff.

The media is downplaying it, but there must be a hundred thousand people in that video (more specifically, the density of the crowd in that video indicates that there were 100,000 people present at the rally).


More than 20,000 people demonstrated Saturday in eastern Germany against government-imposed restrictions meant to slow the spread of the coronavirus after a court rejected the city of Leipzig’s attempt to move the protest away from a central square, police said.

By the city’s calculations, only 5,000 people could gather in Augustusplatz plaza and keep 1.5 meters (5 feet) away from one another. With protest organizers saying they expected at least 16,000 participants, administrators had sought to have the demonstration moved to a larger location outside the city’s center.

“It is hard to explain how only two households are permitted to meet together and yet 16,000 people are allowed to demonstrate on one plaza,” city spokesman Matthias Hasberg told German news agency dpa after the appeals court issued its decision,

The court did not issue details about its reasoning.

Few people at the protest wore masks or kept their distance from others despite police warning from megaphones and officers walking through the crowds on foot to caution them. One woman carried a sign that read “For: truth, justice and freedom” while wearing a mask over her eyes and leaving her nose and mouth uncovered.

The city ordered the event shut down a little more than two hours after it began due to mask non-compliance.

Many protesters refused to leave. Police warned on social media that they were videotaping participants to document who was committing crimes or civil infractions with their behavior. About half the crowd remained when it got dark outside.

At a smaller counter-demonstration nearby, people waved signs urging respect for coronavirus restrictions.

The demonstration came as Germany finished its first week of what is being called “lockdown light” with new restrictions to try and slow spiking coronavirus cases.

Of course it is the EAST that is rising up – they’re the side with some of their humanity having been preserved by the social restrictions of communism (if you don’t understand what that means, just read more Daily Stormer).

This has to end.

It is out of control.

Sweden exists.

We know as a matter of absolute fact that the nation of Sweden exists.

They did no lockdown.

They did not “social distance,” they did not wear masks.

Their policy was “act normal.”

They now have one of the lowest, if not the single lowest, coronavirus infection rate in all of Europe.

This is all a massive hoax.

The solution to the virus is to stop the testing and go about life as normal. That is what China did and it worked.

The people have to rise up!

That is what we need our Trump rallies to look like.

Straight up.