Germans Rise Up in the Streets Against Their Fascist Cyberpunk Police State

Roy Batty (with Andrew Anglin)
Daily Stormer
May 10, 2018

Look, this is all very stupid.

Everything is so confused and convoluted nowadays. No one except a few online anime neon-nazis understands what is going on.

You’ve got the people of Munich, a region of Germany that used to be a stronghold for Frau Merkel’s party lol, protesting more police surveillance powers.


Thousands of people have gathered in the center of Munich to protest against the introduction of sweeping new surveillance powers, including the opening of mail, for German police.

Police now estimate that 30,000 people have turned out for the protest – a figure far in excess of the 7,000 expected by event organizers. Emergency services are on hand to offer water to protesters stuck in the stationary march, according to police.

Same folks who did the mass protests in support of infinity hajis.

And it’s like, dude, how do you not see how one policy led to another?

Mass migration leads to mass crime and mass terror and a mass surveillance state. 

Kiss your bucolic, bike-friendly, eco-responsible, quintessentially German cities goodbye. And really, what else can the government do? They need to start planning to foil future terror attacks and planning to put down a native rebellion against their policies.

As for these protestors: I don’t think they’ll get anywhere.

The only other issue except for migration and the kikes that you are categorically not allowed to criticise in the West is the ever-expanding powers of the surveillance state. I mean, sure, you can have a rally against it – and that’s already something, but the record shows that no one has been able to accomplish anything to stop the creep of mass-surveillance.

Besides normies look at you like…

They’re too busy uploading every single detail of their lives to some cloud server of an anonymous megacorp that makes money selling private info. Even post-Snowden (lol who dat be:D) and with all this talk of expanding surveillance…

Ah, whatever, you’ll never reach them.

Lads, its time to face facts and accept that we’re barrelling towards a Cyberpunk Dystopia and there’s nothing that we can do about it.

Worse, we won’t have holowaifus and gleaming tower cities with flying cars for some time. So it’s more like a Dredd scenario that we’re looking at here.

Plan accordingly. Invest in cyberpunk-sounding things. Me, personally, I have some cryptocurrencies and I act like I know a lot about crypto in general around my normie friends – lol I don’t.

If something else comes up, I’ll keep you abreast of the situation tho don’t worry.

I’m thinking of buying a drone just to have nearby – again I feel like it might be important. Also, I’m considering getting into vaping so I don’t get shunned in the future cyberpunk state. I recommend you do so as well.

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Regular smokers will be hunted down like animals by cybernetically-enhanced gangs in the streets of the major cities.

All these things will come to pass, but there’s no reason you can’t be comfily prepared for them when the time comes.

Main thing: get your mind right.

Listen to synthwave.

And let go of everything you ever thought mattered to you personally.

Leave nothing left of yourself but your metaphysical ideals. Your divine quest to become the ultraman.