Germans Rally Against Merkel as Antifa Demand More Gang-Rape, Terrorism and Sharia Law

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 31, 2016

Well, Germans are doing something at least.

Though this protest was so small it’s heart-breaking.

Never forget that hundreds of thousands protested the globalist trade agreement Merkel signed, less than a year ago.

And anti-immigration protesters – following a series of extreme terrorist attacks – can’t even get two-thousand people on the streets in the capital city.


A large demonstration against German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s refugee policies has been held in the German capital of Berlin, with protesters shouting “Merkel must go!” A counter-rally has also been staged in the city.

Hundreds of people gathered for a right-wing rally at Berlin’s central railway station demanding that Angela Merkel step down. The crowd was waving German national flags, as well as the flags of the German empire and those of the German anti-Nazi resistance movement from World War II.

The protesters were shouting “We are the people!” and “Merkel must go!” Some were also holding up placards and banners reading “Merkel must go” and “The queen of smugglers. Merkel must leave.”

Speakers at the rally addressed the protesters, demanding that Merkel introduce a cap on new arrivals and implement tougher security measures.

“Merkel destroys Germany,” one protester told RT correspondent at the scene.

“It is not acceptable that we let people in our country without correct checks. We have a situation with people arriving and it is unclear what their intensions are,” another protester said.

My God, even the protesters are cucked.

Yes, of course it is more insane to let them in without checks than to let them in after a check, but not by very much.

The most deadly of the series of recent attacks was by an Iranian who was born in Germany.

The anti-Merkel rally was organized by an activist group called “We are for Berlin, we are for Germany” to express discontent with the Chancellor’s open door migration policy. It is the third such rally organized by this group. Two others were held in March and May, German media report.

About 1,350 people took part in the demonstration, according to police.

At the same time, a counter-rally organized by some leftist groups was being staged in the German capital under the slogan “For a united Berlin – against right wing hate!” Demonstrators there held up posters reading “Berlin is better without Nazis!”

About 1,000 people took part in the counter-rally, according to the German media.

So there were almost as many pro-government counter-protesters as there were protesters.

I mean, maybe the numbers are wrong. The police do lie, obviously. They’re ordered to by the government. RT is usually pretty good at pointing that out though.

People in motor boats and even floaters staged another counter-protest on the Spree River under the slogan “For a tolerant and open Europe!

Some 1,700 officers were deployed at the sites of the demonstrations to keep the rallies separated and prevent possible clashes between their participants, but both rallies ended peacefully and without incident, according to police.

Merkel has faced mounting criticism since she recently reiterated that she will stick to her open door policy for refugees, maintaining that Germany is still “safe,” despite the recent deadly attacks there, most of which were committed by migrants.

Her reaffirmation has provoked massive public outrage on social media.

These Antifa are at this point so delusional I can’t even begin to process the thinking.

Moslems have made it clear that they are interested in absolutely no aspect of this hippie “freedom for all” kumbaya gibberish. The single aspect that interests them is the fact that “liberate” German women are willing to have casual sex with them (by the way, “casual sex” is just free prostitution – man sex for woman sex is not an equal transaction, which is why even in super-feminist Western society, men pay for everything on a date – you stupid bitches should be charging, everyone would have a lot more respect for you).

The Antifa are defending rape, they are defending terrorism and they are defending the Islamization of Europe.

The fact that these spineless little faggots have the nerve to pretend they’re “rebels fighting the system” while openly demonstrating in support of a government which has anti-speech laws that are orders of magnitude more extreme than the speech laws of the USSR is mind-numbing.


I hope you faggots like the sitar and flute, because the Caliphate you are demanding sure as hell isn’t going to allow EDM or rock music.


Look, they’re even waving faggot flags. Are they not aware of the Moslem policy on faggots? Do they not have the internet? Why would faggots want a Caliphate?

I wish I was allowed in Germany. I could do great interviews with these people. I just want to hear what they have to say – how they explain the fact that no one can even argue that their policies are going to lead to an Islamic Caliphate in Europe.

Is there anyone arguing that that won’t happen, at this point?

I don’t even know.


They literally call everyone who doesn’t want mass Islamic immigration a “Nazi.” Which is the point I keep trying to make – you might as well just go full Nazi. They’re going to call you that anyway, and if you are full-Nazi, you’ll actually get popular support, because you won’t come across like a weak apologizer. 

Apparently, Merkel and her Antifa aren’t openly calling for a Caliphate, but would they be able to present an argument that anything else can result from their policies?

If so, what is the argument?

Does anyone know?