German Doctors Allegedly Praise Russian Doctors for Saving Navalny’s Life

German doctors alleged implied the doctors that determined the Russian opposition leader wasn’t poisoned did a good job.


The doctors who first treated Moscow protest leader Alexey Navalny in Siberia have claimed it’s beyond any doubt that they saved his life. They added that the German team which took him to Berlin agreed with this assessment.

Anatoly Kalinichenko, the deputy director at the emergency clinic in Omsk, explained that “poisoning” was one of the initial suspicions when Navalny arrived there. That was why the activist was moved to the toxicology unit, he said.

“But [later] we received the final test results from two laboratories that found no toxic chemical substances that could be called poisons, or their residues.”

Head Doctor Alexander Murakhovsky said that Omsk medics continued to treat Navalny and allowed his transportation to Germany only after his condition had stabilized. His clinic “saved Alexey Navalny’s life due to its great efforts, there is no doubt about that,” he told reporters.

Murakhovsky said he has since received an update from the Charite hospital in Berlin that the activist remains in stable but “serious” condition. “Our German colleagues are very grateful and also have no doubts that the patient’s life was saved [by the Russian team],” he noted.

Navalny unexpectedly felt ill and lost consciousness on Thursday. He was hospitalized in Omsk after his commercial flight from Tomsk to Moscow made an emergency landing in the city. A day and a half later, the activist was airlifted to Berlin, after his family and associates argued that he could not be adequately treated in Russia.

I figured the German doctors would immediately announce poisoning, but we’re 24 hours from his pickup and they haven’t announced it yet.

Maybe there was no poison at all, and he really just got sick?

He doesn’t look very healthy, and he’s always hanging around drug-addled youths.

We shall find out shortly if German doctors decide to declare him poisoned.

An earlier version of this article indicated Germans had said Navalny wasn’t poisoned. In fact, that was a mistake by RT, which was corrected. According to RT, the Germans praised doctors who said he wasn’t poisoned as doing a good job. They apparently didn’t think they did a good job with the poison analysis, as they’ve now said he was poisoned