Germans Enriched Yet Again: Truck of Peace Crashes Into People, Kills Five (Including a Baby)

I’m going to be really surprised if this isn’t a Moslem.


Police have confirmed five deaths in Trier, Germany after a car plowed into a pedestrian area. While the driver’s actions appear to have been intentional, the public prosecutor says there are no indications of an Islamist motive.

The driver, said by police to be a 51-year-old resident of the Trier-Saarburg area, drove a dark grey Range Rover through a pedestrian area of the city on Tuesday, sending victims “flying into the air,” according to witnesses. He was arrested at the scene, after police vehicles allegedly rammed his vehicle to stop it.

Rhineland-Palatinate’s state premier Malu Dreyer said that a baby was among the four dead, while Trier Mayor Wolfram Leibe told reporters that the aftermath of the incident “looks a bit like after a war,” while holding back tears during a press conference.

Speaking to reporters later on Tuesday, a public prosecutor said that the suspect was drunk at the time of the killings. The prosecutor added that the driver had no prior convictions and there was no indication his attack was motivated by Islamist or other religious beliefs.

Okay. Sure guy. We’ll see about that one.

There’s a video of the arrest, but you can’t see the guy’s skin color.

I guess it’s possible that it’s not a Moslem. We’ll update you.

But I think if it was a white guy, they would have said.

German cops have a vested interest in covering this stuff up, they’ve repeatedly gotten caught covering it up. If they can wait a few days to release the guy’s name, people will have already forgotten it.

I need to write something up comparing the way diversity is handled compared to the way coronavirus is handled.

With coronavirus, they tell you it is worth any price to save your life from a virus. Destroy the economy, take away all of your freedoms, kill millions from causes related to the lockdown – it doesn’t matter.

With diversity, they tell you that having diversity is worth any price to save your life from a virus. Destroy the economy, take away all of your freedoms, kill random people – it doesn’t matter.

They are both crusades, and they both result in death. But with coronavirus, they claim to be saving lives, and with diversity, they literally tell you that people dying extremely violent, gruesome deaths is worth it to protect diversity.

If the most important thing in the universe was people not dying, we would not have diversity. (Of course, if preventing the largest number of people from dying was the goal, we wouldn’t have a lockdown either, because the lockdown will obviously kill more people than the virus – but they frame that differently.)