Germans Can’t Stop Believing (In Ridiculous Hoaxes)

Germans will apparently go along with anything.

Even after two years, with an economic collapse and a whole new lockdown looming, they still haven’t hit 50% of the population asking questions about this nonsensical fake pandemic hoax.

Free West Media:

A study by the Hans Böckler Foundation, which is part of the German Trade Union Federation (DGB), uncovered interesting facts in Germany.

The study by the DGB showed that many Germans see democracy and freedom in danger in their country. The official Corona figures announced by various politicians are also distrusted. For the authors of the study this has been an indication of a “susceptibility to conspiracy myths”.

The study highlighted distrust in politics, doubts about the Corona policy and “conspiracy theories”, said Andreas Hövermann, sociologist and employee at the research institute of the union’s own foundation.

Between June 29 and July 13, 2021, some 5000 participants were asked about six premises for the study.

FWM is saying that these numbers are going up, but they remain abysmally low:

  • The current restrictions on freedoms pose a threat to democracy. (36 percent in agreement)
  • I am concerned that the restrictions on fundamental rights will not be completely lifted after the crisis. (43 percent in agreement)
  • I don’t think the coronavirus is as dangerous as it is often claimed. (27 percent in agreement)
  • I have doubts about the official Corona numbers. (43 percent in agreement)
  • I can imagine that behind the pandemic there is an elite that wants to create a new world order. (20 percent in agreement)
  • I can imagine that the pandemic will be used by elites to enforce the interests of the rich and powerful. (32 percent in agreement)

It’s actually difficult for me to process the idea that only 1 in 3 people would think that total control over society could be used by elites to promote their interests. At that point, you are basically just saying “all ruling elites are just good people who only want to help.”

I guess 43% having doubts about the numbers is good? But I mean, in every country, governments have gotten caught laundering deaths from other causes into coronavirus. Of course, I believe that all of the deaths were laundered, as I simply don’t believe there is a new virus. The main bulk of the deaths then are laundered from the flu and other respiratory illnesses. But in order to make this all seem so much more extreme, they’ve also put deaths from cancer, heart disease, and just random things like car crashes, into the death toll.

The question is, how can you believe they are hoaxing deaths and not believe they have bad intentions?

Of course, you always have to remember that polls can be fake. And even if they’re not fake, a lot of times people are afraid to say what they believe.

FWM actually notes this:

In June this year, reported the German daily FAZ, the results of a survey by the renowned Allensbach Institute showed that around half of the respondents believed that they could no longer express their opinion freely in their country.

In the opinion of many citizens, freedom of expression is currently worse than ever in Germany: Only 45 percent of those surveyed believe that one can freely express a political opinion. And the survey also underscored that over the past twenty years, the assessment of the respondents has deteriorated considerably.

This means that, in the opinion of the respondents, the climate of opinion is increasingly deteriorating. In times of “political correctness” and “cancel culture”, the common citizen is increasingly afraid of being socially marginalized.

If they don’t believe they can express their opinion publicly, then they might not feel they can express it in a poll either.

But that would not drive the numbers up significantly. If you took the above numbers and made an extremely liberal estimate about people who fear to give their real answer, you’d still only be dealing with half of Germans.

I think we’re above half in the United States – at least in terms of people who are just generally against the virus agenda and think it is being used by the powerful for devious purposes. The ongoing vaccine disaster – where I think more people are dying than Lord Fauci and the rest expected to die off the bat – is not making anyone more enthusiastic about the agenda.

Nonetheless, I don’t believe Americans are any more likely than Germans to rise up and throw off their shackles. Americans are in culture and disposition more or less identical to Australians, except that Australians are probably significantly less faggotized, in general. (To be fair to Americans, that’s possibly related to the fact that America is so much more urbanized. Also, America has been subjected to the faggotization agenda more aggressively because America is the center from which it emerges.)

Australia is going along with all of it. America will too.

Winter has started early in Germany.

Obviously, not everyone is going along with it in any country, but there are not enough against it to make any serious impact. You would need a hardcore group, that are willing to die for freedom, then a second, much larger group, which were willing to support others dying for freedom.

Frankly, I really do think pornography has played a huge part in this. I do not think a man who chronically masturbates can ever stand up for anything.

Along with pornography, I don’t think the effect of the modern architectural environment can be overstated.

Our souls had more power when we lived among beauty and nature.

A human being who is surrounded by ugliness cannot but become tainted by it.

We will be free.

But this is going to go the hard way.

The full fallout is going to have to happen, and then those of us who are unvaxed will be able to stand up and inherit the earth.

My advice to Germans, Americans, Australians, and everyone else is this: stay unvaxed, stay alive, and we’ll meet up on the other side.