Germans Arrest Hundreds of Anti-Kebab Protesters

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 12, 2016

The true enemy of Germany: Young White men with a negative view of gang-rape.
The true enemy of Germany: Young White men with a negative view of gang-rape.

Over 200 Germans were arrested last night for protesting against the invasion of kebab rape monkeys.

Just in case anyone is keeping score here, zero Arabs were arrested on New Year’s Eve when a thousand of them did a gang-sex attack on blond German girls.


Thousands of people gathered in the German city of Leipzig late Monday night to take part in rallies both supporting the right-wing Legida group and protesting it as tensions continue to run high over the influx of refugees and the New Year’s Eve sexual assaults in Cologne, German newspaper Deutsche Welle reported. German authorities arrested 211 people after they set fire to cars and broke windows in the Connewitz district of Leipzig.

Right-wing groups, as well as so-called football hooligans, weren’t the only ones damaging property, with a left-wing group vandalizing a bus that was used by some of the right-wing groups participating in the protests, the Guardian reported.

Sounds chaotic!


No one could have seen it coming!

Tensions have been high in Germany, with many blaming refugees for the New Year’s Eve thefts and sexual assaults.

“Many blaming refugees”?

What in the hell does that mean? “Blaming them”?

They are on video doing it.

Not even Merkel denies that they did it.

What sort of reporting is this?

Some protesters carried signs with the phrase “Rapefugees,” while others yelled, “Deport them!” Protesters from the anti-Muslim group Legida, which is a chapter of the national group Pegida (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West), were met by others demonstrating for tolerance. Over 2,000 police were deployed to monitor the protests.

This is all just getting to be too much. It is hard even for me to process.

Deploying police to shut down anti-gang-rape protesters after the police claim to have been incapable of stopping the gang-rape itself.


“We have to take to the streets so long as people continue to make racist arguments,” said Leipzig’s mayor, Burkhard Jung, who participated in the rally. Anti-Legida demonstrators held candles and formed a chain stretching over two miles in the center of Leipzig.

“The real enemy is racism.”


I just don’t know how much longer I can take it.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been struggling to deal with recent events, with her approval rating slipping to 35 percent as politicians continue to question her open-door refugee policy. Right-wing protesters shouted, “Merkel, take your Muslims with you and get lost,” during the rally Monday, Reuters reported.

Merkel should not be hanged for treason.

Merkel should be in a Siberian gulag.

She should be forced to do it nudist style.


I don’t know what these Jews are even thinking. The slow kill would have worked. They could have continued a steady flow of monkeys into our base, eventually overwhelmed us with births.

Instead they go full-on, and incite a serious race war.

Well, kikes.

Let’s get this party started.