German Town Sets Up “Speed-Dating” Event for “Refugees”

Diversity Macht Frei
August 18, 2018

There seems to be great desire for it: at the meeting of refugees and the “Asylum Volunteers Group” in Lenggries at the end of June, many young migrants wanted to have more contact with locals of the same age. After some time for reflection, Volunteer Coordinator Annette Ehrhart had an idea about how to bring both sides together: Speed-Dating.

Unlike in the traditional sense, however, the event on Wednesday will not be about meeting your life partner. Under the motto “Meet and Greet”, Germans and Refugees are to meet one another for relaxed conversation and dissipate fears of contact they might have. At best, friendships will arise. “We will see what happens,” says Ehrhart.


This event has now been cancelled after protests from German patriots, particularly the group Kandel ist überall “Kandel is everywhere”, which has organised many protests against Merkel’s immigration policy and its consequences.

Kandel is the town where a 15-year-old German girl, Mia Valentin, was killed by a “refugee” after dating him.

The protesters held up placards of the many young German girls who have been killed by “refugees” and sang the German and Bavarian anthems to close.

After backing down from the initial plan, the organisers are now trying to claim that only local young men were going to be invited to this “Speed-Dating” event [their phrase] to meet the “asylum seekers”. They are now looking for an alternative venue to host the event some time in future.

After the protest, four AfD members, including two MPs, were thrown out of the pub pictured here, which has a history of pro-Left, anti-AfD actions.

Here is a video of the event (in German).