German Town Builds a Wall to Isolate Invasive Migrant Filth

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 8, 2016

It really would have been easier just to #SinkTheBoats.

But this certainly sends a message.

It also shows that even in Jew-occupied Germany, pushback can still work.

Don’t ever surrender ever.


A town in Germany is erecting an enormous wall to separate its residents from refugees housed at a local migrant camp. The controversial 4-meter (13.1ft) barrier will stand higher than the Berlin Wall.

Located in the Munich suburb of Neuperlach Sud, the stone wall is aimed at dividing the town’s families from around 160 unaccompanied child refugees who are set to move into a nearby shelter currently under construction.

The wall’s construction is being seen as a compromise between angry residents and the local government after seven locals previously filed a complaint against the shelter, Welt reported.

Those against the shelter have argued that the site will cause the value of their homes to plummet, and have raised fears about noise coming from the site. The nearest houses to the shelter are located 25 meters (82ft) away, and are separated from the construction by trees and a road, according to Ruptly.

The plan to build the wall was agreed by residents and the Munich Administrative Court in June.