German SJWs Planning to March to Aleppo – Because It’s Sad There’s a War There

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 5, 2016

So symbolism.

Such humanitarian.


On Dec 26th 2016 an international group of citizens will leave Berlin, Germany and head to Aleppo, Syria.

It’s time to act. We can no longer sit in front of our laptops and do nothing. We can’t watch more news from Syria and do nothing.

We’ve had enough of clicking the sad or shocked faces on Facebook and writing “This is terrible” and “We’re so powerless”.

No, we are not!

And we refuse to silently and passively take it anymore. We’ve withdrawn our consent to war and killings. We’re ready to deny powerlessness. We want to go and help people like us, who just were not lucky enough to be born in Berlin, London or Paris. We will not tolerate the siege of Aleppo anymore. Civilians for civilians, we will walk, hand in hand, from Berlin, through the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey, to Aleppo. We’ll march along the so-called “refugee route”, just the opposite direction.

And we need you!

Join us for one day, a week or the whole march.
Help us spread the word.
Together, let’s give hope to Syria and its people.
Let’s make a stand for what is right.

More info:
FB event:…
Twitter: @AleppoMarch
Insta: @CivilMarchForAleppo


It’s a 648 hour walk, according to Google Maps.


That would be about 5 months, if they’re walking 6 hours a day. There’s virtually no way the problems won’t already be solved by then. Putin and Assad have already got over half the city secured. They may well have the mess cleaned up before the march is supposed to start on the 26th.

And I’m not thinking that the Turk government is going to let them cross into Syria anyway. But it will be really funny if they do, and for some reason the war is still happening. .

I’ve been reading the available information about this – there’s not much – and I’m still not sure this isn’t some kind of troll.