German Schools Brainwash White Girls to be Single Mothers with Black ‘Baby Simulators’

Daily Stormer
August 31, 2016


“Diana sees it as good preparation for the time when the real children come.”

One of the biggest benefits of mass non-White immigration into White countries is the abundance of swarthy people to breed with White girls, which is another one of those jobs they tell us White people just won’t do for themselves!

The only problem is, these girls are born racist, and they don’t appreciate the wonderful advantages doing the ficki ficki with any old brown guy that comes along can truly bring to their otherwise boring and unfulfilling lives as wives and mothers to White men.

So, some enterprising individual has figured a way to convince them to do the right thing while always believing it was their own idea!


Suspiciously an elderly man looks at the girl who just wants to board the bus. She carries a small bundle in her arms. So young and already a mama?” He asked me how I could be [a mother] because of my age.” Zoé describes their encounter the previous day. The 15-year-old let the stranger know immediately. “This is not a baby in her arms, but just a doll.” Or more precisely, a baby simulator.

Eight Real pupils have since Thursday been a part of offspring “on time”. The girls from the ninth grade attend on Mondays to the life-sized puppets, computer-controlled to simulate the daily routine of an infant.

OK, so here we have girls just entering puberty, feeling all the confusing feels, and they are given black babies to raise, by themselves (at least that latter bit is accurate).

Well, black dolls are cheaper, and there is a surplus of them, because no one wants them.

But this is the government after all, so you know there is something more sinister than supply, demand, and expense going on here.

A chip on the wrist identifies the “right” mama, all their activities are recorded and evaluated at the end. Before starting the experiment, the group has worked intensively with the topic, watched a movie, and is at once busy with the “theoretical” aspects of the baby. Why is a child crying? What can and should you do? What is there to consider?

Well, at least it doesn’t sound sinister! Nothing to see here…

On Thursday, each student received her seven-pound junior. Some have previously never had a real baby in their arms, but with a newborn, it is “a bit difficult with the head,” Lea says. The head just always has to be supported by hand. But after a day that is already well learned.

The babies get correct name. And if Luke, Chris or Ryan after four days must be issued again, and they are returned to nameless baby simulators, it could well be emotional: Brunhilde Maskos has often experienced in the past that parting was clearly difficult for the girls.

Well of course it’s difficult for them!

Lots of research and money has gone into perfecting methods to subvert White girls’ natural maternal instincts into a desire to copulate and reproduce with non-Whites. Many amateurs have tried to do this over the years by giving their own young girls black baby dolls, but that hasn’t worked out, so now a program of nine years of mental conditioning in the public schools has been brought to bear, along with a lifetime of round the clock media propaganda to make them think it’s cool, before introducing the dolls.


Race mixing doesn’t come naturally fam.

Marie is grateful for the opportunity to learn how to deal responsibly with the potential reality of a baby. Diana sees it as good preparation for the time when the real children come. One thing all eight girls have in common is the desire to have children. There should be two at most. But after her experience with the electronic baby, Stephanie “wouldn’t be sad if there are three.”

What’s going on in the minds of young people when they are seen with their electronic appendages? A “strange mixture of pride and embarrassment” says Neele. After a few hours a bond to the small companion is established.

Of course a bond is established! It’s natural. You have these girls LARP that these are there babies, and they immediately grow to love them.

The Jews and their accomplices who are working a breakneck speed to destroy our race and culture have long identified the maternal instinct as one of the mos easily accessible chinks in our armor, and they are manipulating that instinct with ever more sophisticated and powerful methods.

These are our females. These are our families. This has gone on too long.

Somehow we must put a stop to it.

The results of not doing so are unthinkable.