German Santa Gets Sacked for Condemning Child Marriage

Daily Stormer
November 24, 2016

FYI- if you don’t like child marriage you’re totally a Nazi!

Peter Mück has worked as Santa at the German Christmas market in the Bavarian town Mühldorf for 30 years, but that didn’t stop Marianne Zollner, the mayor of Mühldorf, from sacking him for calling out the perverted crap that is child marriage.

The Telegraph:

Mr Mück was dismissed over comments he wrote on Facebook in support of a post by the far-Right “Identitarian Movement”, which campaigns against immigration and Islam, and has been accused of open racism.

So racist to not want your children around third-world savages who think that not having sex for a few months is a ‘sexual emergency’ and a perfectly good reason to commit rape.

“I explained to him that this movement, in my view, does not respect the equality and dignity of all people, or our democratic values, and that this attitude was not compatible with the work of portraying Santa Claus,” Marianne Zollner, the mayor of Mühldorf, said.

Yes, because Santa Claus would totally approve of Karim marrying 12 year old Saarah.

The row centres on comments Mr Mück wrote on Facebook condemning child marriage. He posted a comment in support of a Facebook picture of an Identitarian campaign in which posters were handed out bearing the slogan “Child marriage = child abuse”.

Little girls getting ready for their big day! St Nick would be so proud :’)

Mr Mück claims he was unaware of the group’s background when he posted the comment.

The movement has been placed under surveillance by German domestic intelligence over concerns about its white supremacist rhetoric.


What (((they))) want a German Christmas to look like

Mr Mück has said he would not return as Santa even if he were reinstated, for fear he would be seen as “the Nazi Father Christmas”.

I think being seen as such a thing would be an honor.

No presents for Kunta Kinte, he’s been a bad boy this year

After all, the Nazis certainly knew how to celebrate Christmas.


One of the most striking features of private celebration in the Nazi period was the redefinition of Christmas as a neo-pagan, Nordic celebration. Rather on focus on the holiday’s religious origins, the Nazi version celebrated the supposed heritage of the Aryan race, the label Nazis gave to “racially acceptable” members of the German racial state.

Everyday acts of celebration—wrapping presents, decorating the home, cooking “German” holiday foods and organizing family celebrations—were linked to a cult of sentimental “Nordic” nationalism.

Mothers and children were encouraged to make homemade decorations shaped like “Odin’s Sun Wheel” and bake holiday cookies shaped like a loop (a fertility symbol). The ritual of lighting candles on the Christmas tree was said to create an atmosphere of “pagan demon magic” that would subsume the Star of Bethlehem and the birth of Jesus in feelings of “Germanness.”

And the kikes over at Quartz act like it’s all such a bad thing.

The idea of a family coming together and being proud of their history, oh the horror!

(Ofc family and pride is only disgusting when it comes to white people. Any ‘minority’ would be applauded for such behavior.)



Imagine your wife busy in the kitchen with the young ones baking those Christmas goods!

Hopefully justice is served and this man is allowed to continue being Santa as he has for the last three decades. Be sure to send Marianne a message and let her know what you think of her decision to stand by pedophiles.

And fight the attack on our culture by Christ-Killers by having a wonderful and traditional white Christmas this year.


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