German Refugee Facilities are Literally Worse Than Auschwitz

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 25, 2015

In this video, we learn that the refugee facilities in Germany are actually worse than Auschwitz. The meals are small, the internet is very – very – slow, and the Nazis (Germans will be forever called this) will not give them money to buy cigarettes.

Not only that, some of the people staying for free say the service is bad – some say there is no service at all.

We are talking about no service at all here folks.

Can you imagine the suffering?

No wonder these men resort to urinating on sleeping women.

Conversely, Auschwitz had a swimming pool, a canteen, a movie theater and a brothel.

Jews even had their own orchestras and put on plays.

They also gave them money for cigarettes, of course.

And whereas these migrants are having to deal with some crappy half-court basketball, the Jews had an entire soccer pitch!

As everyone predicted, the Nazis are only getting worse in their hatreds.

These migrant facilities need to meet the standards of Auschwitz.

I mean, these modern Germans are telling these Syrians they can’t give them better service because “it’s a crisis.” Well, you know what else was a crisis, Mama Merkel? World War II. And Hitler somehow managed luxury hotel standards at Auschwitz.