German Professor Says German Identity will be Totally Destroyed by Mass Immigration

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 8, 2015

Jörg Baberowski
Jörg Baberowski

More and more people are willing to state the obvious.

Wonder if this guy will get thrown in prison?


Highly respected, former communist professor and historian Jörg Baberowski has warned that “everything dear to [Europeans]” will soon disappear because of his government’s policies towards mass migration.

Mr. Baberowski is the Professor of Eastern European History at the Humboldt University of Berlin noted for his expertise on Stalinism. He is a former Communist League of West Germany member, and former chair in Eastern European History at the University of Leipzig in 2001.

But even his left-wing credentials don’t make him shy away from the hard truth: “Even 9/11 wasn’t immediately perceived as a turning point,” he begins, “But I do believe that something fundamentally new is happening that will change our country very much. Germany will no longer stay out of wars and conflicts. And the Germany that we know it will disappear by the mass immigration.

When asked what he meant by “the Germany that we know”, he told the Huffington Post Germany: “It is Germany, which is based on a foundation of Christian values.

Everything that was dear to us, what we have been given all our lives must change because people come from a different cultural background and have other ideas about how we should live.

“Germany now has to – like the US – find a common denominator to which can put the lives of the many. How this should be done, I do not know. I just know that it will not be easy.”

He criticised the government’s immigration system, stating: “It is absurd that a Russian academic has trouble obtaining a visa, but Pakistani migrant workers, who come without a passport to Germany, have all options open. We do not control immigration.

“You can not just open the borders and let the immigrants move in,” he said. “For this we will have to pay a high price”.

And Prof. Baberowski lashed out at Germany’s leader Angela Merkel, stating: “Because she has opened the borders and welcomed everyone welcome, Merkel has become the [activist] in Europe. It was not wise to take selfies with refugees who were sent all over the world, and it was not wise to call out to the world that it could at any come to Germany…

“Of course, the chancellor knows what she has done… Citizens have to deal with the consequences of this policy now, they are not even asked whether they want to deal with them. The Chancellor has not even asked the Parliament.

“The borders should now be closed. That would be a clear signal to the European neighbours, to take part in coping with the crisis. But it will happen? I doubt it.”

Next on his list was the mainstream media, who he called “obsequious” and “uncritical” of government immigration policy.

“This criticism refers mainly to the television media,” he said.

“Journalists are obsequious and [provide] uncritical reporting, they do not provide critical questions, but see themselves as an extended arm of the Chancellor and their strategy.”

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