German Princess Who Called for Slaughter of Moslems has Her Record Cleansed from Google

Princess Theodora Sayn-Wittgenstein

German internet seems really fair.

VICE News:

In 2014, German princess Theodora Sayn-Wittgenstein, 27 at the time, attended the University of St Andrews’ charity Oktoberfest, got drunk, assaulted police officers and first responders, and said: “I was doing my nails this morning and wondered how many Muslims I could kill.” Her family, with the help of Google and Europe’s right to be forgotten law, have been trying to make that night disappear.

I’m sitting here wondering if I can have a right to be forgotten, what with all of that stuff I said about gassing the Jews.

I’ve now got a successful career in crisis management going, I’m a fitness instructor, I fight against virus hoaxes and so on. I’m totally politically correct, I don’t say the n-word.

What’s more, the media doesn’t even cover me anymore, so what is the point of having all these old articles show up?

Forget me like you’re forgetting this wonderful princess who wants to slaughter the sickening hajis. I’m politically correct now.

I think all of those mean things that the Jews wrote about me should be removed from Google.

I mean seriously – that’s fair, right?


This is a joke, by the way. I don’t actually want my things cleared from Google, and I’m in fact very proud of those things.

I wish I didn’t have to write “this is a joke” at the end of articles, but sometimes I read the internet, and I see that like, the number of people who don’t understand the jokes is so much higher than those who do understand the jokes that it just makes me sick, and it actually makes me want to just give up and die.

I don’t understand why there are even people who follow me if they don’t understand jokes. I wish they didn’t. It’s sickening, to be a star in this retard circus. I just feel so dirty.