German President Holds Ceremony to Apologize for Hitler’s Treatment of Faggots

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
June 3, 2018

The German government has apologized for Nazi policies that were mean to faggots while simultaneously flooding their nation with Moslems who hate faggots. This does not add up.

The Germans have some real pieces of work holding top level positions in their government. German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier is certainly one of these individuals.

He just took part in a ceremony to apologize for the nation’s treatment of faggots under Adolf Hitler and throughout much of the post World War II era.


Germany’s president has asked gays for forgiveness for decades of suffering and injustice they endured as a result of repressive laws in Germany in the Nazi era and after World War II.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier spoke Sunday in a ceremony marking the persecution of gays by the Hitler regime.

The dpa news agency quoted Steinmeier as saying that the harsh treatment continued in the post-war era, in both parts of a then-divided Germany, where homosexuality for years remained a criminal offense.

The president says that “this is why I’m asking for forgiveness today, for all the suffering and injustice, and the silence that followed.”

Steinmeier says he wants to reassure “all gays, lesbians and bisexuals, all queers, trans- and intersexuals” that they are protected in today’s Germany.

Suffering and injustice? What about the average person who has to suffer from seeing all these faggots, trannies and weirdos making a mockery of traditional values in public? Homosexuality is and always will be a mental illness. Allowing this deranged sexual behavior to be promoted out in the open totally undermines the social fabric of a country. The only reason this madness has been accepted is because of fake moral standards pushed on to us by Jews.

But more importantly, this ceremony illustrates the logical fallacy of the policies that have been implemented across Germany. If they were really in favor of protecting homosexuals, why did Angela Merkel think it was a good idea to invite millions of Moslems into their country? Moslems are not fond of faggots and they will execute them by throwing them off of roofs. Merkel’s pro-Islam policy has put many homosexuals in danger.

One could argue that Hitler’s treatment of homosexuals was far less extreme than Merkel’s. Hitler may have put them in camps, but he didn’t put them at risk of being thrown off of roof tops by Moslems.

It’s impossible to be pro-Islam and pro-faggot simultaneously. Only a dishonest person would claim to be in favor of both.

The correct position is to be against an Islamic invasion and against sick faggot shit. Hitler had the right idea and the German people should look at readopting the policies of the 1930s for both issues. They might want to refine the punishment for homosexual behavior though. The Moslems have some good ideas in this arena that could be worth exploring.