German Politician Tells Germans Not to Fear Becoming an Ethnic Minority: “Many Things Will be Better”

Diversity Macht Frei
August 7, 2018

The German politician, Barbara John, of the nominally conservative CDU party (Angela Merkel’s party), has written an article telling Germans not to worry about becoming an ethnic minority.

This appears to be part of the strategy switch I wrote about before from White Genocide Denial to White Genocide Acceptance.

In Germany it is only a question of time until people of immigrant background form a majority of the population in the larger cities. That point has already been reached in Frankfurt am Main: back in 2017, 51.2% of the city’s inhabitants had not been born in Germany or had non-German parents. Augsburg and Stuttgart are the next candidates or have already reached that status. Across the country, however, only one in four inhabitants have an immigrant background, the Federal Statistics Office reported a few days ago.

The trend towards a rapidly growing proportion of immigrants is irreversible. Fears are already spreading, but also hopes.

She points to Rotterdam and Amsterdam, where the ancestral inhabitants are already a minority, as pioneers of this change. They offer a reassuring example, she says.

It became apparent that the great fear of many of the indigenous inhabitants that they would now themselves become an insignificant minority was unfounded. It was a mistake to believe there would be a new majority that would take their place.

It’s OK because you’ll just be one minority among others, she declares, not ruled over by a new dominant race. Of course, this ignores the fact that brown people have shown that, to a large extent, they are able to put aside their differences and unite against Whitey.

The new population majority consists of many immigrant groups who differ enormously from one another ethnically, culturally, religious, economically and by education. They often have disputes among themselves as well as other groups, just like the indigenous people.  In this way new political alliances form beyond people with and without an immigrant background. A second certainty is unfamiliar but confirmed: it is no longer the indigenous majority who are solely responsible for economic and social progress, but society as a whole. So many things will be different and many things better too. 

Her argument seems to be that when whites are no longer in charge, brownskins won’t be able to blame them for everything. Whites should therefore welcome becoming a minority because it will them to escape the endless barrage of Blame Whitey hate rhetoric. You should allow people who express hatred for you now to acquire power over you because once they have deprived you of power, they will stop expressing hatred for you. A persuasive argument.

As far as I can tell, this senator, Barbara John, is ethnically German. Indeed, her own family history should have taught her quite clearly than no people can ever be safe except in territories where they form an ethnic majority. As a child, she spent WW2 in Silesia, whose German population was expelled by Poles when the war ended. Her family were forced to flee to west Germany.

Apparently this lesson has been lost on her, as she now advocates Germans exposing themselves to a Silesia-like situation for the rest of time, with no homeland to flee to when it doesn’t work out.