German Police Statistics Show Refugees 13 Times More Likely to Commit Sex Crimes Than Natives

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 21, 2017

Official German police statistics from 2016 show that “asylum seekers” (Islamic invaders) are 13 times more likely to commit sex-related crimes than natives.

If you’re wondering why that number is so low, it’s because at least 90% of these crimes get covered-up. During the aftermath of the New Year’s Incident in Cologne, it was revealed that it is official government policy to cover-up migrant sex crimes. The government literally ordered the police to do nothing and say nothing and the only way we ever found out about it was through the brave girls that came forward, as well as some cellphone footage (the cellphone footage was illegal, by the way – Germany has some type of law against filming crimes, apparently).

Of course, we are never told why the Moslems do this.

We are literally asked to believe that they do it because of colonialism and the Crusades.

There are three reasons, which all overlap one another to some extent:

  1. They are racially more prone to violent behavior – IQ alone makes people more violent the lower it goes (or rather, it tends to – Southeast Asians have IQs comparable to Arabs and yet do not behave in the same manner, presumably due to lower testosterone levels).
  2. Sex attacks are a form of warfare – There are several elements to this. Firstly, it is intended to humiliate the men. The fact that European men do not consider European women their property is irrelevant to people who have a more natural way of viewing things. It also is humiliating, even if European men claim they don’t understand what is happening. Secondly, sex is a natural form of warfare, given that you create half-breed children, who can then speak both languages and can be used as governors in conquered territory.
  3. Their religion not only condones, but actually encourages the rape of foreign women – Islam is a religion of conquest, so it employs the above mentioned means of conquest. Just as Christians are ordered to “love their enemies,” Moslems are ordered to rape their women.

This is all simply facts. It isn’t controversial in any literal sense. It is merely that you aren’t allowed to discuss it because it is “hateful.”

Germany may or may not get up off its knees. I have no idea. But I am not counting on it.