German Police Prevent Mother From Sharing Picture Of Negro Who Molested 12-Year-Old Daughter

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
November 24, 2018

The toughest thing about being politically correct is that reality itself is racist.

When reality does something racist, you’re supposed to just ignore it. Otherwise, it’s like you’re gassing six million Jews all over again.

Voice of Europe:

German police stopped a mother from searching for the alleged sexual molester of her 12-year-old daughter on Facebook.

Her post was soon shared thousands of times containing pictures of a black man. The post did not go into further detail other than asking if people knew this man.

The man supposedly sexually molested her daughter on a train from Freiburg to Schiengen on Sunday. A police spokesperson confirmed the incident and that further steps will be taken.

The police gave reasons of protecting the victim and the ongoing investigation not to elaborate further. On Monday morning the police posted a strongly censored picture of the original post with lettering reading: “Not like this!”

The police further stated that the release of picture without the consent of the pictured person is a crime and will be prosecuted. The public search with a picture is in the authority of police only through a court order.

Let’s play a puzzle game!

“After a black man was accused of sexually molesting a twelve year old girl, police told _______ that it is a crime to ________ without the consent of the individual.”

Can you fill in the blanks?