German Police Prepare for Mass Incarceration of Rapeugees on New Year’s Eve

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
December 20, 2016

It’s true that some of the immigrants coming to Europe from the Arab and African worlds are ISIS terrorists, but many others have dumber and more base motives. Many of the millions of 20 something male “refugees” coming to the West are indeed not Islamists, but a toxic combination of being Judaized and lacking in basic impulse control – in fact, their impulsiveness is rewarded through free rides via automatic asylum and being shielded from consequences by the illegitimate governments of Europe. They have grown up on a diet – even in corrupt Islamic countries that ban officially degeneracy while winking and nodding – of cellphone streamed pornography, rap music and bootlegged Hollywood “teen-comedies” like EuroTrip written by (((Jeff Schaffer))), (((Alex Berg))), (((David Mandel))) – where Jews teach the world that it is okay to go to Europe as a guest and shit on everything you see.

They’re as much unruly spoiled children as they are Islamists, and they believe that the lies they’ve seen projected by the Jew on their cellphones regarding the West are true: white women go crazy for stinky darkies, everyone in Germany drives a topless Mercedes and lives in a mansion, and there so many high paying and easy jobs that you can have 10 blonde wives if your heart desires it. If you’re some savage with a 3rd grade education living in a cave, these absurd promises can be convincing enough to get you to embark on an expensive and dangerous trek.

When they get to Germany and realize George Soros lied to them, they lash out erratically like petulant entitled brats in adult bodies. Some of them get in a truck and run over German families taking their kids to see the Christmas tree, others rape and murder a girl coming home from school, most simply go out of their way to make life more miserable for Germans who never agreed to their government’s invitation to come destroy Europe.

Rather than simply banning these immigrants from New Years festivities, the German government has decided to police it like its Mosul. The ZOG always chooses increasing its surveillance apparatus over common sense – and cites “human rights” while doing it.

Daily Express:

Police in Cologne are preparing for a repeat of last year’s shocking migrant sex attacks by emptying dozens of prison cells in advance of New Year’s celebrations

Police in Cologne have tried to assure the public that there will be no repeat of last year’s shocking scenes, which saw mass migrant sex attacks coordinated close to the town square’s Cathedral.

They said the 66 empty prison cells can accommodate up to 100 people at the same time.

A police spokesman said: “In addition to the five prisoner-transporter vehicles already in Cologne, more vehicles from other cities have been ordered for use on New Year’s Eve.

“They will be distributed at different locations in the city as required, and can bring up to seven people into police custody at the same time.”

Current police chief Juergen Mathies also revealed that 1,500 officers – ten times as many as last year – will be on duty this New Year’s Eve to avoid a repeat of the attacks.

They are also planning helicopter surveillance, restricting the number of people in certain areas and deploying police officers trained specifically in sexual assault.

The real goal of the PoliSchweine coming out in large numbers is to make sure nobody is able to record sex crimes and violent assaults. In Germany, it is illegal to record police and upload it, so by having cops on every corner they can technically shut it down before footage like the material from Cologne last year emerge and show the public what’s really going on in their country.

All men of good character in the German police force must resign. At this point, they are accomplices to a genocide – a real one this time. When the German ZOG says Cologne must never happen again, they meant the part where word got out and the controlled press was forced to cover it.