German Police: Enemy of the People

The New Observer
January 13, 2016

The activities of the German police over the past few weeks have clearly shown that their political leadership regards native Germans as the enemy, and the nonwhite invaders as “protected species” who must be defended at all costs—even to the point of outrageous lying.


Although long suspected, the police’s lies about the true nature of the nonwhite invasion was first dramatically proven when the first Cologne police report for the now world-famous events on New Year’s Eve described the situation as “relaxed” and failed to mention the more than 500 sex and criminal attacks upon German women which had been reported to them before midnight that night.

Now, however, a series of reports in the Bild newspaper have revealed that this malaise of deliberately covering up the nonwhite criminality runs far deeper than just that night.

The Bild reported that police are under official orders not to investigate or even report “offenses by criminal suspects who have a foreign nationality which are reported in a reception center [a ‘refugee’ camp].”

Quoting a serving police officer from Frankfurt and Main, who has to remain anonymous for fear of losing his job, the newspaper said that whenever a case is reported to them involving nonwhite criminality in the invader centers, “we immediately put aside. These are the strict instructions from the Board of Directors [of the police], namely not to report offenses committed by refugees. Only direct requests from media representatives about such acts should be answered.”

The Bild newspaper received official confirmation of this policy from Michael Schaich, spokesman of the Hessian Ministry of the Interior. When asked about the claim that reports of the nonwhite invader’s criminal acts were to be suppressed, Schaich told the newspaper that “the press officers are advised that the issue of refugees could be exploited by right wingers to selectively stoke sentiment against those seeking asylum” and this was why they were under orders to downplay the nonwhite crime wave.

The Bild went on to say that this was why the only time the police ever reported an incident in one of the invader camps was when there was a case of a German “attacking” a refugee.

It will also be recalled that after the mass attacks on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, both the Mayor Henriette Reker and the (now former) Chief of Police Wolfgang Albers claimed that there were “no refugees” involved in the sex attacks.

It is now widely known that almost all the attackers were “asylum seekers” from North Africa and the Middle East.

The Bild gave the serious incident in Bielefeld as an example of where the police had deliberately covered up nonwhite crime and violence. In that case, a local newspaper, relying on eyewitness accounts, reported that more than 500 refugee-criminals had forced their way into a nightclub and sexually assaulted dozens of women.

The police had refused to issue any reports on the incident, and only confirmed that it had even happened after the local paper, the Westfalen-Blatt, had approached them for comment—even though the nonwhite violence was one of the most serious crimes committed in recent times in the town.

It was not only in Bielefeld where the police failed to report nonwhite refugee-criminal violence on New Year’s Eve. In Baden-Württemberg, four “refugees,” aged 14–15, raped two white girls in Weil am Rhein. It was only after this sex crime was reported on social media on January 7—a full week later—that the police confirmed that the very serious twin rape had happened, and then they only admitted it after a local journalist had repeatedly submitted questions about the attack.

In Stuttgart, the police only admitted that an Iraqi “asylum seeker” had sexually assaulted a young white girl after an anonymous policeman leaked an official case file photograph to the local media.

Even more dramatically, the Interior Minister of the state of Saxony, Markus Ulbig, casually let it be known that there had been “1006 brutal crimes” in “asylum centers” in that state in 2015—and these cases included eleven incidents of attempted murder, and eight incidents of rape and sexual abuse, some involving children.

Of these 1006 cases, the Bild pointed out, only three had been reported by the police. In other words, the police in Saxony deliberately hid an astonishing 1003 serious criminal acts by nonwhites in that one state alone.