German Police Accuse Cop and Lawmaker of Plotting Assassination of Leftists

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 28, 2017

This is what happens when you ban freedom of speech.

We know for a fact that ending freedom of speech leads to political violence. It is not something that is debated.

So why is America now so insistent on ending freedom of speech?


German police have raided the apartments and workplaces of two suspects, who were allegedly planning to assassinate left-wing politicians and activists. Their motive was fear of a state-wide crisis provoked by what they saw as “failed” refugee policy.

The German Federal Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation against two people suspected of planning “a violent act threatening the security of the state.” Early on Monday, the German federal police together with specialist police units raided the suspects’ homes and workplaces in and around the German north-eastern towns of Rostock and Schwerin.

According to the investigators, the suspects anticipated that what they saw as a “failed refugee and migration policy” would lead to an increase in terrorist attacks in Germany that would eventually result in a state-wide crisis, in particular leading to the total collapse of the constitutional system, the German DPA news agency reports.

The two suspects stocked up on munitions and food as part of their preparations for future “hardships.” They also saw the forthcoming crisis as an opportunity to stage a strike on the left-wing politicians as well as leftist activists and their sympathizers. They even compiled a list of potential targets.

One of the suspects is a police officer, who served in the Ludwigslust police department, DPA reports, citing the regional interior ministry of the German state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. A disciplinary proceeding was initiated against him alongside the criminal investigation, it added.

The other suspect is allegedly a lawyer from Rostock, who is also a lawmaker and the deputy head of the “Independent citizens for Rostock” faction in the local legislature, the Ostsee Zeitung reports, citing its sources. The identities of both suspects have not yet been officially revealed by police.

However, police said that both suspects were known for their links to right-wing groups and even discussed their plans with other right-wing activists on social media.

In the meantime, a spokeswoman of the regional interior ministry said that, so far, the whole issue is about a “mere suspicion,” adding that the police raids were conducted to verify this suspicion. None of the suspects has been arrested as yet, according to police.

Police raids have also been conducted in the homes of the people linked to the suspects, who were not under suspicion themselves, the prosecutor’s office said, adding that there was another police officer among them.

Surely, this could be a setup by police.

Maybe that is most likely.

But the fact remains: Germany is a powder-keg ready to blow.

They have been told that they have to accept trillions upon trillions of Islamic gang-rapists and peace-truck drivers as revenge on themselves for the supposed Holocaust, and they are told that if they disagree with this policy, they have to go to prison.

Where can that possibly lead, other than to an eruption of political violence?

If the following things are true:

  1. Hitler and the “Nazis” were pure evil
  2. The “Holocaust” actually happened
  3. You are responsible for the crimes (real or imagined) of your ancestors
  4. Islamic immigrants are a fitting punishment on you for the crimes (real or imagined) of your ancestors
  5. Islamic immigrants enrich your culture
  6. Pakistanis, Afghans, etc. are all “refugees” from the “brutal civil war” in Syria

Then let’s have an open discussion of these things.

If something is factually true, than it does not need to be protected by insane, oppressive anti-speech laws. All anti-speech laws do is make it look like the people being silenced are correct in their assertions. So you would think, if Holocaust-confirmers and pro-Islamizationists actually believed in their own positions, they would be arguing for the rights of those who disagree to speak their minds so that they could be disproved – right?

So then, the only possible conclusion is that the government does not believe the Nazis were evil, they do not believe the Holocaust happened, they do not believe that Islamic immigration is good for Germany – they only wish to destroy the country by any means necessary.

Just So

It can also be assumed that the Jewish forces attempting to silence the Daily Stormer are also aware of the fact that we have the truth on our side.

That is the only reason that they would want to make us martyrs. To silence our speech, and make it so obvious that they are afraid of our speech. Otherwise, they would simply debate us, or write us off as irrelevant and move on with their lives.

But no: they have to put huge amounts of resources into trying to silence our ability to freely speak and share our views with the people.

Right now, there are already people on Twitter discussing how to put pressure on the Algerian government to shut down this new website.