German Party Calls for Russian-Style Ban on Fag Propaganda

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 1, 2015

Marc Jongen has a good head on his shoulders.
Marc Jongen has a good head on his shoulders.

Gays really do “propagandize” for their cult of butt-love. They have to, because they can’t reproduce, but are in constant need of more human anuses for their projects.

Naturally, they also attack anyone who attempts to stop their propaganda.

Gay Star News:

A German right-wing party has demanded for LGBTI ‘propaganda’ to be banned.

The national conservative Alternative für Deutschland’s (Alternative for Germany, AfD) Baden-Wuerttemberg faction unanimously decided on a ‘gender motion’ during their faction conference last weekend.

‘The Alternative for Germany strictly rejects any and all governmental propaganda – in schools, mass media or the public space – for certain sexual orientations or behaviors,’ the motion reads.

‘Exempt is the promotion of the classic family.’

The document is a milder-worded version of a motion proposed in April, in which party members also spoke out against abortion and birth control.

‘The Alternative for Germany considers the political-bureaucratic and legal promotion, or rather the active mass media advertising for birth control, abortion and homosexual behavior to be contradictory to the Germans’ vital interests,’ the April version read.

“Contradictory to vital interests” is exactly the definition of everything Jews do.

Rainer Rösl, who is credited as the July motion’s author together with the faction’s deputy spokesperson Dr Marc Jongen, is a co-founder of the Pforzheimer Kreis (Pforzheim Circle), a workgroup for Christian party members.

In an open letter to Andreas Stoch, Baden-Wuerttemberg’s minister for cultural affairs, Rösl said: ‘I perceive the publicly funded media’s daily reports on footballers’ homo-confessions, night café broadcasts, lesbian- and transgender stories and so on as intolerable brainwashing, which I feel terrorized by.’

Yeah. It is also terrorism.

I felt personally terrorized when the first hardcore gay sex scene popped up in Game of Thrones. But no one complained about that. They also didn’t complain when a homosexual sadist sexually mutilated a heterosexual White male. Instead, they complained about a girl getting “raped” on her wedding night by a man she’d agreed to marry.