German “Neo-Nazi” Band Chased Out of the Netherlands

Linda Housman
Daily Stormer
March 24, 2015

Kategorie C
Kategorie C

A Saturday night tweet to a journalist led to a 112 call (the Dutch equivalent to a 911 call). Soon after the criminals were located and their equipment was seized by the police, which saved the Netherlands from the disaster of perhaps not even two hours of some local noise.

Last week the manager of the German band Kategorie C showed up at the town hall of the Dutch town of Haaksbergen. According to the media he looked deceptively nice, and his request for permission for a small performance of the band that calls themselves the Football Rockers from Bremen wasn’t unusual either, but since the media have given Kategorie C the reputation of being “neo-Nazi,” they found themselves banned again. Thus they had no choice but to turn to plan B: booking a venue for a birthday party without revealing their band’s name, and informing their fans by email about the location of the concert a few hours before the concert started. But the performance was cancelled by the police before it could even begin, and Kategorie C was ordered to go back to Germany, where they aren’t exactly welcome as either.

In a March 23 Facebook post the band writes in German language:

Here’s a short statement about the weekend.

We’ve received 7 different prohibition orders from 30 different counties and 5 concert halls have cancelled their contracts with us under pressure of the police. We of course will seek compensation for the damage we suffered as a result of this, but that still won’t make us able to do concerts again.

The government treats the band as a terrorist group, the lying media and the anti-fascist organizations work hand in hand with the police and the security services. Labeling the band as extreme right-wing is an outright lie. We didn’t manage to find any Kategorie C song that legally is considered to be extreme right-wing. Did you?

No, I didn’t.

The “worst” I could find also seems to be the worst that the media could find, which is a German language song that, oh horror of all horrors, adds the word “unfortunately” to an obvious fact about the German national football team: “White and black are the colours of your shirt, but unfortunately also the colours of your players.” The phrase in the song “Antifa halts Maul!” [Anti-fascists shut up!] saying “there will be a day of vengeance” doesn’t contain any form of threat whatsoever as this is exactly what we’ve been taught by our parents, teachers and priests, moreover those words aren’t aimed at anyone in particular.

Many of their other German language songs mainly build on the theme of ‘life sucks in many ways, but hey, there’s still football.’ Some even have a bit of a melancholic undertone to them.

As much as the mayor of the Dutch municipality of Losser declared that, in case the band would come to his town, he would forbid the concert on the grounds of disturbing public order and peace, because “as a mayor you don’t want to have deal with football hooligans,” Kategorie C in no way can compete with the actual Dutch football hooligans who love to chant that Hamas should gas the Jews, meaning the Dutch Ajax football team which has a long Jewish history should lose the match. Those chants are tolerated not because the Netherlands is anti-Jewish, in fact the very opposite is the case, but because it in some wicked way keeps the non-existing Holocaust memories alive.

The band’s statement continues:

The story also goes that there’s always riots and politically motivated violence at our concerts. What concerts are they talking about? This most definitely does not happen at Kategorie C concerts.

The organizer of last weekend’s concert has been spied on for two weeks with helicopters and cars, they followed him day and night. It was like a bad mafia movie. And you should keep in mind that this isn’t about child molesters, drug dealers or other types of offenders. This is a legal rock band performing their legal live music. This band is not prohibited and neither are their songs. All band members have normal day jobs and they pay taxes. Yet we are treated like a terrorist group that commits terrible crimes.

A strong democratic country like Germany should be able to deal with a band like Kategorie C, right?

We won’t give up. For us this indicates that this country is on its last legs. They won’t be able to bring us to our knees and we refuse to get intimidated by those ‘officials’.

However, in hindsight it makes perfect sense that the band was chased away from the Netherlands like the Spanish flu itself, as it after all took place on International Anti-White Day, which in the Netherlands was celebrated with a long anti-white rant in the center of Amsterdam. So I suppose that Kategorie C, given the fact that they look like the personification of white supremacy, simply should shut up about false accusations, lying media and financial losses, because as white supremacists they already have a whole bunch of privileges that nobody on earth can define, but a whole bunch it is for sure, and they do exists for real, out there, somewhere.