Of Course the Destroyers of Germany Fear Nazi Symbols

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 7, 2017

“The German nation exists for the sole purpose of erasing its own history.”

Think about that statement for a second.

It is not only absolutely true, but thinking about it may actually lead you to a personal epiphany or two.


All barracks and premises of the Bundeswehr will be searched after memorabilia commemorating the Nazi army, the Wehrmacht, were found at Franco-German brigade facilities during an investigation into an army officer suspected of plotting a false flag attack.

Volker Wieker, the chief of staff of the German Army, the Bundeswehr, has ordered that all barracks and buildings used by the military be searched, the German media reported on Sunday. The search for Nazi memorabilia will last until May 16, and the military command will be given a report on the preliminary findings by next Tuesday.

This week, collections of Wehrmacht propaganda posters, military awards, and iconic steel helmets were discovered at army barracks in the towns of Illkirch and Donaueschingen, both home bases of the Franco-German infantry brigade.

Imagine this.

The symbols of the Wehrmacht are so powerful, that they are treated as if they are a WMD by the German government.

And I think they are right to treat them this way. It is more than just hysteria on their part. These relics of past glory are that powerful.

These are things which speak to the blood of the German people.

Life is bigger than the material world. Existence is bigger than a series of atoms woven together.

We exist beyond time and beyond physical space. The lifeforce which fills you is eternal.

And certain symbols and images can speak directly to that eternal lifeforce, which exists beyond your consciousness.

That is what the concept of art used to be – a way to awaken the soul, by giving the conscious person a glimpse into the eternal, which lies just outside of these physical trappings. That is the reason that the Jews worked so hard to destroy art.

The swastika and other imagery of the Reich – including the image of Hitler himself – has the ability to awaken something within the white race (and Germans in particular), to crack the walls of the Jewish prison which the souls of our people have been confined in.

NOTE: I just want to say, I think the alleged Neo-Nazi false flag against the migrants was most likely a false flag of a false flag, but I haven’t gone into it because the whole situation is so nuts, I don’t really have the time to unravel it. Hopefully, someone else will do it.

Zero Hedge, I’m looking at you, buddy.