German Metal Band Rammstein Uploads Video Glorifying the Holocaust of Jews

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
March 28, 2019

The German metal band Rammstein just uploaded a short 35 second video to their YouTube channel glorifying the Holocaust of Jews. It features members of the band dressed in the same striped pajama outfits that Uncle Adolf made Jews wear in World War II era concentration camps. All the band members have a noose around their neck as they await their execution for subverting the German Reich.

Sure, it might just be a public relations stunt to promote their first album in ten years, but it’s a very good one. They know that the idea of Germans doing a Holocaust to the Jewish race is a very popular concept.

The stats don’t lie either. At time of writing the video had 67,000 up votes compared to just 490 down votes.

Unfortunately, they had to shut down the comment section, presumably because it was flooded with negative comments from an Israeli troll farm. It would be absurd to believe that Rammstein would censor patriotic Germans expressing their belief that Jews should be gassed in shower rooms and incinerated in ovens.

They also know this video will upset Jews and they will bitch about it in their media publications thus generating more buzz. The German news site has penned an article describing how historians, politicians and Jewish associations throughout Germany are already expressing outrage at the video.

Here’s rough translations of the German quotes.

“With this Video, the Band has crossed a Line,” Criticizes Charlotte Knobloch, Ex-president of the Central Council of Jews: “How Rammstein is abusing the Suffering and Murder of Millions for Entertainment Purposes is frivolous and repulsive.”

The Jewish Historian Michael Wolffsohn calls the Spot a “Form of Corpse Desecration. Totally unacceptable! ”

Karin Prien, Spokeswoman for the Jewish Forum in the CDU, speaks of a “disgusting Lack of taste” that only serves to “Create Clicks.”

FDP outside expert Alexander Graf Lambsdorff clarifies: “The ShoaH Is not suitable as an Advertisement. No matter for what. You have to wait and see if this is an Excerpt with which Rammstein contributes to The Reappraisal of the Holocaust. ”

Felix Klein, antisemitism officer of the Federal Government: “The Staging of The Musicians of Rammstein as moribund concentration camp inmates represents the Transgression of a red Line. If this is only for The Promotion of the new Album, I consider it a tasteless Exploitation of the Freedom of Art. ”

Spokeswoman for Yad Vashem, the World’s most important Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, says: “Yad Vashem Does not generally criticize artistic Works reminiscent of Holocaust images. We believe that a respectful artistic Representation of the Subject can be legitimate as long as it by no means offends, belittles or desecrates the Memory of the Holocaust. And it doesn’t just serve as a mere Tool to attract the Public’s Attention. That’s why Yad Vashem urges artists to act responsibly and respect the Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust as well as the survivors who survived the Horrors of the Epoch. “

These people should really lighten up though.

They’re getting all bent out of shape because a German metal band decided to make a video referencing a fictional hoax event that never happened. If six million Jews were really gassed in fake shower rooms, why is it that you can’t even find a single lampshade made of Jew skin for sale on eBay? Try and answer that one Shlomo!