German Media Says Germans Living in the Village are Anti-Semitic Nazi Racists

Daily Stormer
July 28, 2015

Well, who the hell else would live in a village, other than Nazis?

From the YouTube description:

In my opinion the report is drastically exaggerated: Neither is the movement is not as big as they make it out to be nor are any of these settlers a danger for anyone. Quite the contrary, which they must shamefully admit themselves.

According to the report, the real danger of the Völkisch settlers is that they are peaceful neighbors, craftsmen, self sustaining, helpful and have plenty of German children.

Apparently this acting is just a facade – their true motive is “racism, antisemitism and Nazism.”

The Amadeu-Antonio fund is well known for faking statistics and making up stories to fit their narrative. These quotes are from their spokeswoman, Anetta Kahane:

“In Eastern Germany are not enough people, who are visible minorities, for example blacks”

“If I make a wish, it would be a second turning point, infrastructural, emotional, cultural”

“It’s a confession of failure that one third of this country is still white”