German Media Claims Trump was Wrong for Pardoning Criminal Israeli Diamond Miner – Nazism Rising?

In the last days of his presidency, Donald Trump was rushing like a lunatic to do whatever he could to try to stay out of prison. It was a very sad spectacle, and something I would truly like to just forget. But it did happen.

That process he was going through included a serious rush of pardoning Jews. One of those was an Israeli Jew who runs blood diamond mines in Africa.

The German media is complaining about this.

I wonder what the Germans think should be done about this…?

The German outlet DW writes in an article without an author in the byline:

In the waning hours of the Trump presidency the US reversed policy and quietly eased sanctions against billionaire Israeli mining magnate Dan Gertler. Now, rights groups are calling on President Joe Biden to reinstate them.

Gertler was put on the sanctions list by the US State Department in December 2017, for “opaque and corrupt mining deals” stemming from his friendship with then Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) President Joseph Kabila. The State Department says Gertler cheated the DRC out of $1.4 billion (€1.15 billion) in tax revenue over the course of a decade. Further sanctions were applied in June 2018.

The State Department sanctions barred Gertler from conducting business with US citizens, businesses and banks, essentially prohibiting him from making transactions in dollars.

Gertler, whose name appeared in the Panama Papers in connection with a number of holding companies registered in offshore tax havens, is said to have leveraged his friendship with Kabila to access Congo’s rich resources. The desperately impoverished country is home to the world’s largest cobalt deposits as well as massive copper, diamond, gold, tin and coltan reserves.

This is disgusting, Germany.

DW should be closed down and all of the writers involved with this article should be arrested.

You know who claimed that Jews abuse black people?



The Nazis released propaganda showing that the Jew bankers and Freemasons were in league with the Ku Klux Klan.

Okay, I can’t do the “if Jews can’t be questioned in Germany, then they should follow their own rules and never question the crimes of Jews” bit right now.

For those who don’t know, the bit goes like this:

  1. The occupation government of Germany has passed insane laws that say you’re not allowed to question the behavior of Jews
  2. German media, like any country’s media, will eventually have to occasionally print one or two of the outrageous crimes of the Jews
  3. By claiming that German media is secretly run by Nazis for ever printing anything negative about any Jew, you point out the ridiculousness of the laws they have blocking general criticism of Jews

I’ve gone through that bit 6,000,000 times on this website, and I don’t feel like doing it right now. I can’t just keep making these same jokes, you guys.

I want to talk about the Twilight of the Federal Informants and I want to talk about a campaign to #FreeRicky.

Wait wait wait – so I forget. It’s “first they silence you,” and then what? “First they silence you and then you heal,” right? Is that it? Or is it “first they silence you and then we gotta put in the work”?

Primarily, I do not want to talk about GameStop, or, for that matter, about Donald Trump.

But yes: Jews totally control the entire diamond mining industry, and block the flow of diamonds, so they can overcharge for them in the West, based on their disgusting princess scam, that has guys spending six months’ pay on a semi-precious stone in order to convince a woman to destroy his life and mutilate his soul.

You can look that up. I’ve written about it. I can’t find my own materials.

The diamond scam may be the single best example of the relationship between Jews and white women. It really sums the whole thing up.

(Editor’s Note: Yes, that is a real Nazi propaganda poster. They didn’t really talk a lot about abuse of blacks, but importing the blacks into the country as slaves was considered generally decadent and depraved. Also, Nazis didn’t really ever talk about blacks, and Jesse Owens said that Hitler never snubbed him and the media was lying that he was racist against blacks. Owens said Hitler shook his hand and sent him a nice note and a picture. This is all admitted now. Hitler must have really made an impression, because Owens actually did a little campaign in the 1960s to try to counter fake news about Hitler. He carried around a picture of them shaking hands in his wallet, and tried to show it to journalists, and they wouldn’t report it. The media was literally like: “shut up nigger, Hitler was a racist.” Seriously, check this Daily Mail article. That one German journalist is not the only source for this. I’ve read the same stuff in books, but it’s really hard to find stuff on the internet now. Just as a practical matter of looking for basic information, the internet just doesn’t work anymore. There are probably traces of Owens’ statements on Google Books, but that is all in the process of being cleansed. They are literally just removing pages from books.)