German Lawmaker Sentenced Under Orwellian “Racial Incitement” Law for Insulting Evil Sandniggers

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 15, 2018

You know what you gotta do when the goyim start to know.

You gotta shut it down.

You just gotta.


A former regional leader of the Alternative for Germany party has been convicted of incitement to hatred over online posts targeting Muslims.

German news agency dpa reports that a court in the northeastern city of Rostock gave lawmaker Holger Arppe a fine of 9,000 euros ($10,740). Arppe denied having written that Britain should be turned into a “quarantine island” for Muslims living in Europe.

How dare he suggest that only Britain be able to partake in the joys of diversity.

All of Europe needs its culture enriched and its pensions paid.

Is this man a British agent, attempting to keep all of the benefits of vibrancy hoarded in one white country?

And to think, he did this shilling for the British under a pseudonym… but Mama Merkel backtraced him.

Mama Merkel backtraces all who try to deny the German people of having their pensions paid.

The court ruled Monday that Arppe had posted the comments in 2010 using a pseudonym, rejecting his appeal against a lower court ruling.

He left Alternative for Germany last year, saying he wanted to avert damage from the party following the leak of unrelated online chats advocating violence against political enemies and children.


The poor children.

We have to protect the innocent babes.

Also, they’re enriching our culture and paying our pensions.

Also, we deserve this as punishment for the Holocaust.

Mass nonwhite immigration is the only thing ever in history that is:

  1. An act of charity
  2. A act which benefits you materially
  3. A act of masochism

Truly, diversity is magic.

And we must shut down anyone who questions it.