German Hospital Says Russian Opposition Leader Navalny was Poisoned

On Monday, some doctors in Germany allegedly praised the treatment of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny by Russian doctors, who said he wasn’t poisoned. Now, they’re saying they do not agree with these doctors. They’re saying he was poisoned.

They waited 24 hours before announcing this, and it looked like there was some hope that they wouldn’t do it. But they’re doing it.

The situation is now going to play out exactly as it was laid out.

CBC News:

Tests conducted on Russian dissident Alexei Navalny at a German hospital indicate that he was poisoned, but doctors said Monday they do not believe his life is at immediate risk.

The Charite hospital said in a statement that the team of doctors who have been examining Navalny since he was flown from Siberia and admitted Saturday have found the presence of “cholinesterase inhibitors” in his system.

Cholinesterase inhibitors are a broad range of substances that are found in several drugs but also pesticides and nerve agents. However, doctors at Charite said at the moment the specific substance to which Navalny was exposed is not yet known.

“The patient is in an intensive care unit and is still in an induced coma. His health is serious, but there is currently no acute danger to his life,” the hospital said in a statement.

Navalny remained in critical but stable condition at the Berlin hospital, with special protection details on hand to ensure his safety, German officials said.

Berlin police and federal agents are posted at the downtown Charite hospital after Navalny, 44, was flown to Germany on Saturday from Siberia after much wrangling over whether he was was stable enough to be transported.

Both Germany and France had extended offers to treat Navalny.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a statement shortly after the Berlin hospital detailed its initial findings that “in view of Mr. Navalny’s prominent role in the political opposition in Russia, authorities there are now called upon urgently to investigate this crime in detail and in full transparency.”

“Those responsible must be identified and held accountable.”

Yes, we’re quite sure this will turn into a total nightmare.

The American forces are already making angry noises.

The Trump administration has been relatively silent on the incident, but U.S. ambassador to Russia John Sullivan said the Navalny case would be on the agenda for deputy secretary of state Stephen Biegun’s visit to Russia that begins Tuesday.

“With Alexei Navalny in a hospital in Berlin, our dialogue with Russia must include re-emphasizing the importance of free speech and civil society,” he told reporters.

If Navalny is found to have been poisoned “that would represent a crucial moment in Russia,” he said.

“The Russian people deserve to see that anybody who would have been involved in a matter like that be held accountable.”

Doctors in Russia continue to claim there was no poison in his system.

Russian doctors on Monday said two laboratories found no poisonous substances in his system.

“If we had found poisoning confirmed by something, it would have been much easier for us,” said Anatoly Kalinichecnko, deputy chief doctor of the Omsk Ambulance Hospital No. 1, where Navalny was treated.

“But we received a final conclusion from two laboratories that no toxic chemicals that can be considered poisons or by-products of poisons were found.”

The hospital’s chief doctor, Alexander Murakhovsky, rejected allegations made by Navalny’s team that doctors in Omsk had been acting in co-ordination with Russia’s security services.

“We were treating the patient, and we saved him,” Murakhovsky said Monday. “There wasn’t and couldn’t be any influence on the patient’s treatment.”

It doesn’t really matter if those doctors were told by the government to lie or not.

This was all set up from the beginning, as the Daily Stormer laid out in an article shortly after the poisoning was announced, and which I don’t have anything to add to presently.

This is obviously fake, anyone can see it is fake. They are using this to further build up tensions with Russia and it is no coincidence that they’re doing it right before the election in the US. One of the major contrasts between Donald Trump and Kamala Harris is that Harris is adamantly pro-war, while Donald Trump is the first president in nearly half a century who didn’t start a new war in his first term.

This situation will allow Harris to highlight that difference, call for war on Russia and call Donald Trump weak for not launching a revenge war in the name of this opposition leader.