German Health Minister Says Compulsory Vaccination Totally Reasonable

German health minister Karl Lauterbach has claimed that a “compulsory” coronavirus fake vaccine gene therapy injection is totally reasonable. Even if you don’t understand German, you should watch how he says it.

“It is necessary, it is suitable, and it is moderate. That’s why it’s necessary to act,” he said.

I think only a German could make a statement so banal.

The French version is: “I’m pissing in your face on purpose.”

The American version is: “Folks, this is who we are.”

The Australian version is: “We will find you.”

The whole Western world is flowing in the same psycho direction.

It’s the values of democracy that you are forced to take this vaccine, so the only places you might be able to live a normal life are fascist autocratic dictatorships like Russia and China.

Or, of course, rural areas where the masses of people are just refusing outright, and the federal government doesn’t have the resources to come harass you.

Right now, the proposals for compulsory vaccination primarily involve fines if you refuse. But come on. Where does this eventually go?

We all know exactly where this story ends.