German Guy is Going Around Saying China’s Treatment of Moslems Meets UN Definition of “Genocide”

This is a damn shame, because I went to read this interview and realized I’m all out of tissues. I’m just going to have to use a dirty t-shirt on the floor in the corner of my room to wipe away the tears of agony which flow like a river from the deepest part of my soul as I hear of the mistreatment of Moslems in China.

Somebody has to stop these gooks.



A new report in Foreign Policy says that China’s suppression of Uighurs, Kazakhs and other chiefly Muslim ethnic minorities in northwest China now meets the United Nations definition of genocide, mass sterilization, forced abortions and mandatory birth control part of a campaign that has swept up more than 1.5 million people and what researcher Adrian Zenz calls probably the largest incarceration of an ethnoreligious minority since the Holocaust. Adrian Zenz joins us from Minneapolis. Mr. Zenz, thanks so much for being with us.

ADRIAN ZENZ: Thank you.

SIMON: Those words are stunning. Outline for us, if you can, what you found.

ZENZ: I was able to uncover dedicated policies by Beijing in the region to systematically suppress birthrates and depress population growth. I uncovered evidence that the Uighurs are subject to internment in camps if they violate birth control policies, have too many children. I also uncovered that there’s tools to implement intrauterine contraceptive devices and other intrusive surgical birth prevention mechanisms in at least 80% of the targeted women.

SIMON: Eighty percent.

ZENZ: That’s the minimum goal for 2019, but I personally believe that the actual was closer probably to 90%.

SIMON: It is notoriously difficult to do research on the Chinese government, and specifically their policies on the Uighur population. How did you conduct the research? Do you trust the data?

ZENZ: I do trust the data, which, as before, comes from different types of Chinese government documents, firstly from the Xinjiang National Health Commission, whose website has subsequently gone offline since the publication of my report, from local prefecture government websites and from county websites. We’re talking budgets with very detailed target indicator figures, reports, policy documents.

(Scott Simon is Jewish. I don’t think Zenz is. Some Jews tend to get uncomfortable when people talk about “genocide,” because they want the word to be associated with their own genocide hoax.)

SIMON: People need to be careful using the word genocide. Why do you think it’s justified and important to use it now?

ZENZ: I have long argued that the atrocity in the region is a cultural genocide, not a literal genocide. I do continue to believe that, generally speaking, the Chinese government does not intend to physically eradicate the Uighurs and Kazakhs, just to integrate, subjugate, dominate and assimilate them. However, this is coupled with a policy of ethnoracial domination, as the government has brought millions of Han Chinese settler in the regions with promises of high salaries, jobs and free housing.

The reason why now this has changed – we do need to probably call it a genocide – is quite simply because the evidence now, for the first time, very specifically meets one of the five criteria set forth by the United Nations Convention for the Punishment and Prevention of the Crime of Genocide from 1948, which specifically says the suppression of birth.

SIMON: The U.N. has said that up to 1.5 million Uighurs are in internment camps in China. China says this is to contain the threat of terrorism and to reeducate people in the camps to become better Chinese citizens. Behind those statistics are real human lives that have been upended. I wonder what some of the stories you’ve been able to discover have reached into you the most.

ZENZ: Stories that are among the most harrowing, of course, are stories of abuse, stories of women being caught up by the police and, as they’re being brought to the internment camp, the first thing is that they’re told, you’re going to go on the surgery table, and we’re going to put an intrauterine contraceptive device into your body, because that’s standard policy for women who are put into a camp. Other women report of forced sterilization, of abuse, even accounts of rape.

Yeah, sure, that sounds like something that would happen in real life.

SIMON: A word like genocide is also supposed to provoke the world to act. What do you believe should or can be done, Mr. Zenz?

ZENZ: I think China needs to face consequences by exclusion or sanctioning from multilateral institutions, either political or possibly economic sanctions, given that we also have a situation of forced labor. I think the international community got to start to think real hard how, with what kind of actions it’s going to back up its professed and supposed moral values.

This definitely brings up questions about what exactly it is that Western governments are doing to white people. Citing the UN definition of genocide was something people were trying to force meme a while back in certain circles. I never really liked it, as I thought it sounded whiny and hysterical, but it is true that we qualify.

If population displacement and restricting the ability to breed amount to genocide, then we are being genocided. Feminism is a program specifically targeted at white women. Other races do not take to this program. If you give white women the option, and all things are equal, they will always choose promiscuity and abortion over having children. Absolute female liberation means zero fertility.

China doing this to Moslems is something that not only do I not care about, but I do not believe that any American cares about it. What they are doing is trying to push the idea that you’re a bad person if you don’t pretend to care, so of course, those same liberated women that won’t have white babies are all over it.

The American media is definitely trying to start a war with China. Literally, in the middle of a revolution in America, we’re being inundated with China atrocity hoaxes. Even when you’d think they’d be focusing on going nuts over the Rushmore Doctrine, they’re spamming China crap.


It was really hard to find that White Genocide meme above. The internet has been so cleansed it’s sickening. I eventually found that by using Yandex Images; it was lodged in a Russian /pol/ archive site. There were many better memes than that one, and they might just be lost forever now. I was looking for like 15 minutes.

I did find some other memes in that thread though, I’m just gonna dump them here. Make sure you save memes, and don’t ever delete your meme folders. I delete my meme folder regularly, and I wish I could figure out a new way to live my life, but I’m too damn set in my ways. Don’t be like me. Get an external hard drive and save the memes.