German Government will Attempt to Outlaw German Opposition Party

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 16, 2017

The only real opposition party in Germany that is taking the current immigration genocide program seriously is the NPD (Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands). In contrast to the “respectable” bourgeois party AfD (Alternativ Fur Deutschland), which calls for a “Canadian Style immigration system” (good luck seeing any white people on the street in Toronto or Vancouver), the NPD is against all immigration to Germany, and has been effectively growing and mobilizing on the street as the national opposition to German despot Angela Merkel and her unpopular regime. While the German press claims otherwise, the NPD’s membership rolls have grown exponentially in the last two years.

For this reason, the BundesRats are forwarding a motion to the German supreme court to officially outlaw NPD.  The NPD currently holds an elected seat in the European Union parliament (as a member of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom, together with Golden Dawn, Forza Nuova, and People’s Party–Our Slovakia), which will make for incredibly awkward optics to send German agents to drag their representatives away into the night, but don’t put anything past the Merkel regime.

USA Today:

Germany’s highest court is set to decide this week whether to ban the far-right neo-Nazi party, in a case brought by lawmakers who call the group a threat to the country’s democratic system.

The controversial case, to be ruled on Tuesday, claims the extremist National Democratic Party (NPD) and its beliefs violate Germany’s constitution.

“The NPD is a racist, anti-Semitic, revisionist and anti-democratic party — their ideology clearly springs from (Hitler’s) Nazi party,” members of the upper house of parliament, the Bundesrat, said in their opening statement during a three-day court hearing last March.

As Germany grapples with the challenge of integrating more than 1 million refugees who have poured into its borders the past two years, the NPD is escalating its scare tactics and violent attacks, said the lawmakers, who are empowered by law to petition Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court.

Many Germans believe it is about time to take action against the party.

“The last two years have shown the NPD is capable of gathering crowds and inciting them to hateful acts,” Stanislaw Tillich, then-president of the Bundesrat, said during the court proceedings. “Violence against people and property, as well as arson attacks on refugee accommodation centers are the consequences of their racist ideas.”

But Richter argued the evidence shown in court failed to connect the NPD to recent anti-immigrant attacks. Some critics of the party agreed.

“That violence was never committed by the NPD — they always knew that would be a danger to the party’s existence,” said Timo Reinfrank, head of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, an organization that fights right-wing violence in Berlin.

Instead, these attacks are linked to supporters of anti-immigrant groups like the grass-roots PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West), and the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) political party, Reinfrank said. Both groups have distanced themselves from the NPD’s neo-Nazi ideology.

Reinfrank also said the NPD’s declining membership, vacant leadership positions and recent electoral losses suggest the party isn’t powerful enough to merit a ban by the court, a move that could make martyrs out of the party’s diehards.

“The NPD was thrown out of its last state legislature in elections in the state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania last year,” Reinfrank said. “Now I don’t see a reason to ban the NPD. It has no importance anymore.”

Who are “Many Germans”? How many is “many”? Many more Germans want all the “refugees” immediately deported, but that never survives USA Today Jew editor Patty Michalski’s cutting room floor.

It’s possible, even likely, that this ban attempt won’t stick – not because the high court cares, but because they are confident that the mainstream opposition groups that are on tap (PEGIDA, AfD) can adequately control discontent. Additionally, they may seek to shift focus towards ensuring that the aforementioned “respectable” parties don’t let their members run off into another direction.

By driving sizable enough organizations like the NPD underground, fronts for German Jewry like the “Amadeu Antonio Foundation” realize that this will radicalize and outrage the population even further.

The moral of this case, and of how the German state operates, is that your political rights are protected in that country, but only as long as your abilities to overthrow the government by force are greater than the prospect of reforming the system peacefully.

Once NPD achieves any degree of parliamentary power in Berlin, the full weight of autocrat Merkel’s collection of medals and trophies from Jews will come down on them.