German Government Takes Preemptive Measures in Anticipation of Violent Uprising

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 11, 2017

The old Latin adage “Beware the fury of a patient man” is nowhere better applicable than to Germany. The average person’s living beneath the heel of Angela Merkel’s surveillance state may seem innocuous – even goofy and wimpy – but history shows that every German keeps a creature in his closet, and when it finally comes out, it’s impossible to put it back in.

When the Englishman is tempted to fight Goliath, he thinks of his money, the Italian thinks of his mama, the Frenchman of his girlfriend(s) – but Germans aren’t compelled by any of this (not nearly as much), which is why their government requires some of the most brutal political restrictions and social engineering programs on the planet to hold them down.

It seems Merkel and her Jews are cognizant of this fact, and looking to preempt the natural reflex of a people being murdered by their government with no realistic political recourse available. I said it before and people laughed at me, since today’s Germany is known more for its Furry Fandom than its determined revolutionaries, but I will reiterate my prediction right now: Germany will have a civil war in the next 10 years if the immigration situation is not immediately and drastically addressed.

Deutsche Welle:

The interior ministry said in a December response to a parliamentary interpellation from representatives of the Left Party that just under 600 arrest warrants for neo-Nazis were still outstanding. Some 403 arrest warrants were issued in the first 10 months of 2016 alone. In total, warrants were issued against 454 individuals who, in the official jargon, “have been deemed on account of relevant police information to belong to the category ‘crime motivated by the political right.'” Not all of these right-wing extremists are being sought for politically motivated crimes, but in 92 cases the arrest warrant does indeed relate to a politically motivated offense.

According to Matthias Quent, a Jena-based researcher into right-wing extremism, the number of neo-Nazis who have gone underground increases the risk of creating new right-wing extremist terrorist structures. In an interview with DW, Quent emphasized that going underground could lead to further radicalization and to political aims being pursued more determinedly, with violence.

This corresponds with the interior ministry’s latest annual report on the defense of the constitution, which talks about an “exorbitant increase in right-wing extremist violence.” The authors go on to say that “anti-asylum agitation creates a sounding board for right-wing extremist ideology fragments. Right-wing extremism gains connectivity,” with the result that violence and crimes motivated by right-wing extremism and directed against asylum-seekers’ accommodation increased more than five-fold in 2015 compared to the previous year. The report also found that after years in decline, the right-wing extremist scene is now attracting members again. The number of right-wing extremist-oriented people is estimated at just under 23,000.

Just as in France, where mosques were targeted in the aftermath of the Islamist terrorist attacks, the deadly attack on Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz, where a truck was driven into a Christmas market, may inflame sentiments in right-wing circles. Matthias Quent says he has already observed on social networks that the threshold for verbal violence has fallen.

“The discourse is incredibly uninhibited,” he told DW. “If the perception is that the state is no longer capable of protecting its borders, or its people, from terrorism, there is an increase in the perceived legitimacy of forming one’s own organizations, of resorting to violence oneself, of arming oneself.”

One can, for example, arm oneself online. A Russian-registered German-language website with the name “Migrantenschreck” (“Scourge of Migrants”) offers items such as crossbows or weapons that shoot hard rubber bullets. A gun costing 749 euros ($791) is described as follows: “An incredible 130-joule muzzle velocity speaks for itself, guaranteeing the successful use of this product.”

The operator of this illegal internet shop, Mario Rönsch, belongs to the circle of neo-Nazis who have gone underground. Several German public prosecutors have already had dealings with him: He was wanted, for example, on suspicion of incitement and exhorting people to commit crimes. Rönsch is now believed to be living in Hungary, where he is selling weapons. The weapons Rönsch offers on his site are legal in Hungary, but it is forbidden to export them to Germany. It can hardly be assumed that Rönsch’s intentions are peaceful: The website has videos demonstrating how to use the weapons in which photos of leading German politicians are shot to pieces.

The Merkel regime is playing with fire. Trying to asphyxiate certain trapped elements can only lead to a caustic reaction – the expansion eventually reaches a point and explodes.

One example of the German government’s overreach, aside from (((Anetta Kahane))) making people disappear in the middle of the night because of something they said on Facebook, is how unlike in America, the “Fake News” hoax is being institutionalized by the German state. The Merkel regime is panicking to silence dissidents out of fear that they will cause people to vote against her, their recent moves towards cracking down on Breitbart are an apex in how far they’re willing to go to undermine the right to free expression.

Donald Trump must place economic sanctions on Germany until power is transferred out of the hands of the despot Merkel – who has now been in power for 12 years uninterrupted and is running for a fourth term – as well as the development of a revised Constitution written by Germans for Germans that guarantees the right to free expression, political assembly, and to petition the government – rights today’s German citizens lack.

Deutschland Erwache!

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